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Oct 24, 2008
Interest check on Jays C-Jays. They sound great and are really good value, but they are not as portable/the right form factor for me.
Bought them in April 2009. Open to offers/trades.

Grado SR 225

These have about >150 hours of use on them so they are well burned in. They are in great condition though and work perfectly fine. I am the second owner of these, originally bought from another Head-fier here around November 2008. I just upgraded to the HF-2's so I probably will not be using these quite as much.


Sennheiser HD215

Entry-level Closed DJ-style headphones. It has a detachable coiled cable that terminates to 3.5 mm but comes with a screw-on 6.3 mm adapter. The right earcup is also rotatable so that you can put the headphones on with only the left earcup on your ear. Excellent condition and works great.


I prefer paypal, buyer pays fees. Let me know if you want more details/pictures.

Local transactions in Toronto or Waterloo, ON.

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