IC: Black Sand Violet ZI 1.5m / with Violet ZII ATL termination
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Headphoneus Supremus
Sep 27, 2007
I'm not at all sure I want to sell this Power Cord yet, but thought I'd put it out there in case folks wanted to make any sort of preliminary offer.

This cord features the original Black Sand Violet ZI wire and sleeving but it's fitted with the new (Violet ZII) ATL terminators/connectors. It's an insanely nice sounding Power Cord and to those in the know, really doesn't need much of an introduction.

This is the wire and sleeving (Violet Z1); please ignore the termination in this photo as mine is a newer version:



Here's a close up of the new ATL ETP-850CU connectors that are shipping on the Violet ZII cords and which are applied to my Violet ZI via custom order:



The cord is three months old; I bought off audiogon and from the original owner.

I picked it up specificallyto test/review against my standard Audio Art Power 1 (Furutech's) power cord and I've still got a week or two of comparisons to do.

For now, they are neck and neck and sound incredibly similar, though there are some definite differences between the two that are beginning to become evident. Both the Audio Art Power 1 and the Black Sand Violet completely destroy my Zu Birth comparison cord but I'll save such comments for the official review.

Anyway ...

If you'd be interested in picking this lovely 1.5 meter cord up, feel free to PM me.

Again ... I'm not positive it will be sold but will know for sure within the next week.

Thanks for looking.

(I'll update the pics above with pics of my actual cord once I'm home from work and can take the photos.)


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