IC Audio Technica ATH-AD2000 (Trades Only)
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Feb 13, 2004
I've had these for a few months and although they are a good headphone, I don't think they're exactly what I'm looking for as a backup headphone. The headphones have over 100 hours burn in (not more than 200 though) and are in excellent condition. I have the box along with the warranty card, although these were purchased from Price Japan so it isn't filled out and I don't really know what good it would do. But in any case, its there if you care.

I'm not really looking to sell these at the moment. What I'm really looking for is interesting trade offers. At the moment, I'm in desperate need of an external DAC. I would also be interested in other headphones of greater or lesser value. Cash or other items can be used if the items are not of equal value. I would actually be willing to trade pretty much anything else in my sig except for my PRII and SA5000. In particular, I would be interested in headphones from the Audio Technica wood series. I'm not interested in any variation of Sennheiser. Well, except for an Orpheus of course.
So if you have an offer send me a pm. Just a warning, I won't be taking any offers from anyone that has joined head-fi recently or has an extremely low post count. This offer is exclusively for fellow headphone enthusiasts, not lurkers.

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