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Jun 28, 2005
Hey all,

Thought I'd shout out to see if there is any interest in these as I never, ever use them. I bought them as a portable can, but they just aren't portable enough for me. They were purchased in the end of August of 2005 - since that time they been used for maybe a total of 10-15 hours (and that is being generous). They are in perfect visual and working condition and have been stored in their little pouch since purchase. I do not have the original plastic packaging.

I also have the warranty card (2 years) and the purchase transaction, which conveniently does not have my name on it, making easy for others to use the warranty.

If there are no takers I might give them to my gf or sister, but they might be precariously close to the fashion cutoff line.


Also, I have no feedback on Headfi, but plenty on Ebay (LINK)

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