IC: AKG K1000 earspeakers in great condition w/ original box and custom 6' cable
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Michael G.

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Aug 24, 2005
I am thinking about selling my AKG K1000's but I'm not quite sure what the asking price should be, so feel free to submit ideas or an offer that could help me decide how to sell. I might even consider some sort of a trade deal if you have some nice headphones w/ balanced cabling. These earspeakers were always used sparingly, were never abused, and were always stored in their box so they are in excellent condition. The original black wooden box has a few minor marks on it but still looks presentable, hinges and foam lining are also in good condition. These sound fantastic driven by my pair of improved ASL Wave 8 watt tube monoblocks, which I might also be willing to sell as part of a package deal. No cosmetic issues to speak of and zero operational issues - everything is present, clean, and tight as pictured. Leather headband shows no wear at all and temple pads are as good as they come. My K1000s are one the earlier pairs (serial # 05132), which are said to possess better features than the later versions. I no longer have the crappy original end cable, but I don't know why you would want to use it anyway. My K1000's come with a beautiful, 6' custom made twisted star quad end cable terminated with Neutrik XLR and thick Cardas rhodium plated spade lugs. I have excellent buyer/seller feedback here, at Audiogon ("mutant"), ebay (seldomblu"), and Audio Asylum ("genungo"). I would prefer to ship within the continental USA, but I may consider shipping worldwide if the price and/or the buyer seem right. So, send me a PM or respond in this thread, let me know what you thinking... Thanks for looking!
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