iBook G4, signal drops from USB ... Keces 151 help.
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Nov 28, 2007
So I got my Keces DA-151 and this thing has completely upped my digital audio game ... I am very happy with it.

Running out of my Mac G3 Pismo laptop(10.3.9) USB out > Keces>Preamp>300B tubes>Klipsch La Scalas ..... the sound is to die for and the system works flawlessly.

Running out of my Mac G4 iBook laptop (10.5.2) USB out > Bottlehead tube amp > Senn 600's .... It sounds awesome for about 4 mins ..... then the signal drops and I get HISSSSSS that blow my ears drums.

I have tried both USB ports. I read somewhere that some USB ports go to sleep even though the computer is NOT set to sleep for awhile. I am plugged into AC and have the computer set to Never sleep and the hard drive to Not spin down.

Any thoughts ... I also have a Mac Mini(10.4.9) here ... I have not tested on that one yet as it is not in a good place for the headphone rig.
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I figured I would try a public post as Maniac is not really a Mac user. I have discussed another Mac question with him in the past via PM and he deferred to the forum as his experience is mostly PC based.

I think this is more of a Mac OS thing than a Keces thing ..... Seems like something is interrupting my USB signal on the iBook running 10.5

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