iBasso PB3 Mockingbird Portable Balanced Headphone Amplifier

Discussion in 'Portable Headphone Amps' started by nmatheis, Dec 23, 2016.
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  1. karloil
    is it an improved PB3? Looking forward to your reveal!
  2. KK-android
    no way....
    I believe it is an amplifier product :L3000::L3000:
  3. zilch0md
    @silverfishla I can appreciate Paul's need for discretion, but to me, his reply sounds more like a "Yes" than a "No," to your balanced amp question. :)
  4. silverfishla
    At the least it's a "could be", and that's exciting! :) Looking forward to more great stuff from iBasso @Paul - iBasso keep up the good work!
  5. qsk78
    Not bad at all...right after the preamp OPA627SM

  6. KK-android
    Hi qsk78

    did you modify your PB3?
  7. qsk78
    No, my VANTAM CML has the preamplifier in its scheme -opa627sm. So the signal does not go directly from the DAC but through the preamp

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  8. qsk78
    Actually the purpose was to give more power to the ATH-E70, my super perfect Vantam just is not capable to drive them with the 80 mW per channel only.
    So the PB3 improves the situation dramatically. First impression is positive. It sounds with a touch of warmth, not that absolute silent as the original Vanatm’s outputs but still acceptable.
    Delivering very resolving and detailed sound. I will replace the interconnect cable very soon and give it more burn in time.
    If I deicide to keep the E70 I would keep the PB3. On the other hand it is better to give Vantam a type of IEM which it can drive (like LS200) rather than building sandwiches))

    More pics

    DSC_0450.jpg DSC_0451.jpg DSC_0452.jpg

    I like that thin layer which comes with the PB3 to put it between devices. Nice solution.
    Last edited: Jun 7, 2017
  9. pr0b3r

    Cayin i5 + iBasso PB3 + Sennheiser MX365
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  10. KK-android
    Hi qsk78.

    wow, nice mod.
    i see.

    thank you. :)
  11. karloil
    it's an amp alright! 2 of them - but it's for the DX200 :grin: ......but still hoping for maybe an improved PB3 :grimacing:
  12. kundica
    Mine arrived on Friday so I had a few days to listen over the weekend but only fed through my FiiO X5iii. While I think it's a nice improvement over the X5iii's outputs I won't go into a lot of detail about the sound until I have more time to listen. That said, I would like to comment its use with sensitive IEMs.

    With my Campfire Audio Jupiters, the SE output was quite noise free, noticeably cleaner than the SE out on the X5iii. The Balanced out not so much. While it seemed a tad cleaner than the FiiO's balanced output, there was still a hefty amount of hiss. Also, there isn't much room on the volume pot between channel imbalance low and ear painfully loud. The X5iii has adjustable LO but I wasn't particularly fond of what it did to the sound when I enabled it so I could have more room on the PB3 volume.
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  13. alphanumerix1
    Have your tried stacking the opus1 and pb3? If so does it stack well?
  14. alphanumerix1
    Searched the web for a it03/pb3/opus1 stack no luck haha

    I'm looking to run similar stack but wanted to see how it actually stacked if anyone can help with the opus1/pb3/ combo.
    Last edited: Jul 26, 2017
  15. shin0326
    What will be the improvements if i use this with the ipod 5.5? is there an improvement with the soundstage and separation of instruments?
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