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iBasso PB3 Mockingbird Portable Balanced Headphone Amplifier

Discussion in 'Portable Headphone Amps' started by nmatheis, Dec 23, 2016.
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  1. nmatheis Contributor
    I just saw a reference to iBasso's newest portable amp, the PB3 Mockingbird over in the iBasso D-Zero MKIII thread. I searched but didn't see any threads for the PB3, so here we are.

    Here's some info I found on Penon's website (LINK):

    Advantages of a Balanced AMP

    The balanced amplifier output voltage is 2 times greater when compared to the output of a single ended amplifier.
    Also, output power is 4 times more than the single ended amplifier which allows it to drive headphones better and win more headroom.

    BTL structure with the patent balance circuit design.

    Our balanced circuits are different from other balanced amp circuits. The general Balanced Earphone Amplifier will offset the second harmonic wave, resulting in no sound charm. Although amplifying the sound field is loud and dynamic is well, but the depth of sound field disappears and the human voice becomes thin. While our PB3 enhances the depth of the sound field under the conditions of keeping all advantages of a balanced amp, which makes the vocals become fuller.

    The design of Op amp with buffer design ensures high current and high output power, and its maximum output power is up to 480mW.

    The super capacitor optimization power supply.

    In the design of imitating audio products, the filter of the power is the most important.

    The greater the capacity of the capacitor is, the better the intensity and resolution of the low-frequency.

    We use 1 super capacitor of our product which is equivalent to 1000 pieces 470uF electrolytic capacitor, which perfectly solves the problem of the portable products without large capacitors. At the same time, the internal resistance of this super capacitor is very small, with faster response and better dynamic performance
    Using C & C aluminum processing, ultra-thin body design.

    Equipped with 2.5mm balanced interface and 3.5mm Non-balanced Earphone jack.

    2-setting gain switch design

    Imported Alps audio potentiometer.

    2500mAh chloride ion battery with 20 hours long life.

    • Output power: ≤ 480mW
    • Signal to noise ratio: ≥ 120dB
    • Total harmonic distortion: <0.0005%
    • Life time: 20H
    • Earphone adapter impedance: 8 ~ 300Ω
    • Size: 120 * 63 * 11.1mm
    • Weight: 135g

      And of course, some glamour shots of the sexy little beast:





      It's available on Penon for $199,but I haven't seen any reviews or impressions yet. If anyone out there has one, please join the thread and help us learn more about this beauty.

      And maybe, just maybe Paul - iBasso will join in, too :wink_face:
  2. pr0b3r
  3. nmatheis Contributor
    Hey, nice to see you here, bro!
    If anyone threw my PB3 on the ground, I'd be pretty angry, lol!
    I'm not sure I'd be very happy if I left in the forest, either...
    But those are some nice pictures. I'm curious to get some impressions for this rolling in, especially with IT03 with balanced cable!
  4. pr0b3r
    Nice to see another interesting product thread from you!  :D

    So I get the impression that both the DX200 and the PB3 are products which we can throw on the ground.  Haha!  What's with iBasso's product photographer?  They are now into rugged audio gears?  LOL

    I'm looking forward to seeing this device get attention too just like other iBasso products.  Thanks for starting the thread @nmatheis!
  5. nmatheis Contributor
    Yes, iBasso just might be on a roll. IT03 are really growing on me. DX200 looks killer, too. I'm going some headfi peeps will get PB3 soon and give us their thoughts on how it sounds!

    Maybe Paul - iBasso could provide a tour loaner or two like Cayin, FiiO, etc. are doing. How about it, Paul? I'd be more than happy to help out.
  6. pr0b3r
    I'm settled now with my IT03 paired with the X10.  Closely monitoring the DX200 thread.  Maybe that will be my next DAP upgrade it proven to be well above its competition and price point.  I hope iBasso will do another miracle just like with the IT03.
    By the way, there's still no official product page for this PB3 amp, right?
  7. nmatheis Contributor
    No product page yet. IIRC, Paul said iBasso is really busy with getting new products out and is a bit behind on the webpage. IT03 was just added very recently, so I'm sure PB3 will make its way there eventually.

    As an aside, I'm really liking the revamped iBasso website. Very nice. The only thing is change is to make sure it's a wee bit more mobile-friendly...
    My pb3 pairing with dx90 mod. IMG_20161229_105838.jpg
  9. nmatheis Contributor

    Cool! Can you give us some thoughts on the PB3? I'm especially interested in how it sounds via balanced vs single ended. I'm sure other would appreciate your thoughts, too :thumbsup:
  10. HiFiChris Contributor
    Moar photos and impressions please! [​IMG]
    That colour scheme of the PB3 looks very tasty.
  11. nmatheis Contributor
    Hey, it's Chris. Nice to see you here, man. Hoping to see some more people join up so actually have PB3. I'm considering getting one to try out.
  12. nmatheis Contributor
    PB3 on the way, guys. Should be in my hands latest this week or early next week :thumbsup:
  13. pr0b3r
    Awesome!  Looking forward to hearing your thoughts.  Maybe make a video again like the M1s?  :D
  14. nmatheis Contributor

    You know I will, bro :thumbsup:

    I'm hoping this will further enhance my IT03. Unfortunately, I've lent out my IT03 to a headfi buddy for a week or two, so I'll have to try with some of my other 2.5mm balanced IEM until I get those back.
  15. pr0b3r
    I'm also excited to try out the IT03 in balanced.  Ordered the M1s plus CB12 cable yesterday.  If this PB3 amp proves to be a good performer then I'll consider getting one.
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