iBasso PB-2 Pelican fully balanced portable, DB-2 Dac . . HiFlight recommended op amps page 16. .

Discussion in 'Portable Headphone Amps' started by jamato8, Dec 13, 2010.
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  1. Reima
    Last week was a big holiday in China, you should get a reply from them this week. If you don't hear from them you can always contact paul@ibasso.com he is pretty active on the forum.
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  2. snellemin
    I have a PB2 that I recently gotten and it too was a bit swollen. Cell number 3 is dead, so I bought a hobby grade Lipo that should be here tomorrow. I will see how it fits. The capacity is about half but the C rate is way higher. So it should be a pretty stable voltage going in during my bass sessions.
  3. Lohb
    Does anyone know the exact battery spec. if you were ordering online to get a new one ?
  4. kingdixon

    Ibasso replied back to me "The battery is a custom battery pack. The cost is 25USD, shipping is 5USD via airmail."

    Honestly, i only used it like may be 3 weeks, then it was collecting dust until swollen.

    I sent them back asking if there is an alternative ready made battery that can be used and what is the specs ?

    once i get a reply i will post it here ..
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  5. snellemin
    20171013_213950.jpg Got to fit 3 Tatu 380mah Lipo in the ibasso. I moved the capacitor and laid one pack on top. 6 batteries for 8 bucks shipped.
  6. Mshenay Contributor
    Might be re joining this thread again soon :D
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  7. zilch0md

    Did you sell your PB2, then buy another? :)
  8. Mshenay Contributor
    MY pb2 failed, the board traces are friend... I paid to ship it to iBasso where they told me they could not fix it, but I could get a trade in credit if I purchase another product. They are also asking I pay to have my unit shipped back to me, @Paul - iBasso that's really disappointing, I can understand paying to ship to you but you should at least cover the return shipping cost, but you've chosen not to. Doing so you've isolated me from this brand, as I have not enjoyed dealing with you guys at all. It's been nothing but bad news and additional costs. After purchasing a second unit second hand It'll probably be my last purchase from them,

    Either way, I'll hopefully have everything for the PB2 by Early December. I'm excited to get this back!
  9. zilch0md
    Having been told it couldn't be repaired, I would have made the same decision. I wouldn't have paid anything to have it returned. They can throw it in the trash just as easily as you can.

    Meanwhile, it's good to hear you have a replacement on the way, but I'm surprised you have to wait until December for delivery. You don't have to explain it if my asking only adds misery to your experience.

    Best wishes!

  10. Mshenay Contributor
    Oh it doesn't add misery, I'm more irate at not having the defective unit as a practice board! I'm trying to work on my de-soldering and I'd love to take my PB2 apart honestly... I don't have really any defective electronics to work on. An at the very least it would be nice for my now dead PB2 to bring something good into my life! An if tearing it apart gives me a chance to learn, then I think I'll have honored it's years of service well! [Though that does sound corny doesn't it?]
  11. zilch0md
    ^ More noble than corny. :wink:
  12. snellemin
    20171023_132430.jpg The cheapo 4 dollar battery setup is working out nicely and the Burson seems to be broken in completely. Time to build the wima cap adapters again.
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  13. Lohb
    Has anyone received the iBasso PB2 replacemant battery by airmail ?
    When I inquired from south-east Asia, the PB2 unit had to be shipped to them to get a new battery due inbound postal restrictions on 'naked' batteries vs installed in amps which is allowed.

    Is that the case in USA ? Are there any restrictions on receiving a new battery in 'ol US ?
  14. snellemin
    The pb2 has been out of production for a while. So I seriously dought the batteries they sell as replacement are fresh stock.
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  15. zilch0md
    Can anyone recommend an off-the-shelf replacement battery? All I know is that it's a 3s LiPo, which means it has 3 cells in series and will put out 3 x 4.2V (12.6V) when fully charged or 3 x 3.0V (9.0V) when fully discharged (ready for recharging). Getting the right physical dimensions and the right connector type would be the hard part when searching for LiPo batteries online.
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