iBasso P4 with AK120
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Nov 8, 2012
Hi guys out there, I have an iBasso P4 amp and I am considering purchasing an AK120 in the near future to bring my music enjoyment to the next step. I know that the P4 is a very good amp for its high quality components and versatility, but I've also heard that the AK120 is very picky with amps and pairing it with a good amp doesn't guarantee a good sound. So I want to know how does the P4 generally sound with the AK120? Or is there any particular opamp, buffer, and ground configurations that would pair well with the AK120? Or does the P4 just sound awful with the AK120 regardless of the internal IC combinations?And I don't really feel like getting another amp for the P4 as I recently just bought a HiFi M8 for my iPod, so I thought it would be good to be resourceful and use the P4 with my future AK120. Any help would be greatly appreciated and thanks in advance :)

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