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iBasso P4 Charging question

Discussion in 'Portable Headphone Amps' started by hauntedsounds, Mar 19, 2012.
  1. hauntedsounds
    Receiving my P4 tomorrow and I was reading the manual...
    There's a charge on/off switch on the back, I was wondering what's the point in ever having this switch in the off position?
    Is it okay to always have it ON and use it from the wall outlet?
    I plan on using this while connected to the wall outlet but when I move my equipment around i'm obviously going to be using battery power, in which then i suppose i'll turn the charge switch off.
  2. hauntedsounds
  3. civilaudio
    I think you should email ibasso and ask them why did they design something like that.
    IMO, If the manual did not make any warning, then I supposed plugging in should be ok. I think the "Charge" ON/OFF button is designed to save the life of battery.
  4. hauntedsounds


    Well here's where I get confused: When I'm using the power supply and it's no longer charging I'd assume that's another time to turn the charge switch to OFF, but the thing is the P4 has overcharge protection so there's no real point. I honestly can't picture when to have charge set to off aside from when i'm obviously taking advantage of it's portability. Not even sure knowing when to position the switch is even all that vital.

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