iBasso P3 + upcoming

  1. wagen
    According to Mini-Audio company (iBasso the OEM)iBasso P3 + upcoming month. IBasso P3 and close to prices.
  2. wagen
  3. chaotic_angel
    Got mine last week! still searching for "right" op amp [​IMG]
  4. arirug
    Will this iBasso P3 + be sold by iBasso soon? And have they stopped selling the iBasso P3? Their homepage says "sold out".
  5. arirug
    It`s now available on their website. 199 dollars+shipping!
  6. hutie1983
    i want to know the price. who can tell me??[​IMG]
  7. coyote_5
    What size are the in/out jacks on the P3+? Are those 3.5mm?

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