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iBasso IT04 IEM, 4 Drivers. Enjoy the Music! Release: July 2, 2018

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  1. phthora
    Here's what this thread sounds like right now:

    "Hey, check out that sweet Ferrari! What an amazing car!"
    "What's with the dumb horse badge?"
    "I don't know. That's just their logo. That thing has a V12 eng---"
    "I don't like horses."
    "Okay. But that car does zero to sixty in--"
    "Why's the badge yellow when the car is red?"
    "And it's on, like, a little shield? Stupid."
    "It's a Ferrari! Who cares?"
    "What a waste. Way to ruin a car."
  2. jamato8 Contributor

    When you hear them you won't care what they have on the shell. And frankly, in person, I think the InTune looks pretty good.
  3. Researcher

    What a weird explanation !!!

    Ferrari has a "LOGO" as you described. Nothing like "In Horse", covering the entire front !!!!

    People argue this strange writing, not LOGO!!!
  4. phthora
    Yeah, totally not the same at all. Right.

    And, I must concede your larger point. We can expect that should we venture into public wearing these monstrosities, we will be ridiculed mercilessly by anyone eagle-eyed enough to read the tiny writing. And rightfully so: no one would ever think that InTune could be a brand name of some kind and even if they did, the font alone is a clear demonstration of mental and moral deficiency.

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  5. geagle
    me, I definitely LOLed :) .
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  6. aisalen
    LOLed too, I hope no one hangs himself due to the logo not into his liking.
  7. Researcher
    Anyway, IMHO this would appear better with a logo. now seems like cheap .
  8. Dobrescu George
    Ironically, I actually dislike the Ferrari logo but like the shape of their cars and such.

    Even more ironic, I actually like the logo of cheap Dacia cars :)

    As for the IT-04, I like their logo, as stated earlier, it reminds me of good guitar cabinets and those are for life if you're a rock music fan

    This is another thing. I've seen a lot of things in photos and in person, and I really have the feeling those will look dazzling in person. Just wait until I get to take a few shots of them on my good camera and show them next to other IEMs, I actually think they'll rock.


    I highly doubt one should concern with aesthetics beyond describing them. This is what I do when I review, but I'd like to remind everyone that I find Beats headphones to look really ugly, like those neck bands they give you when you have an accident, while I find HD800S to be a darn sexy-looking headphone. Some might agree, some might disagree (maybe some even love beats headphones's looks and aesthetics), but it is the same for the InTune, some people will like, some will not, tastes in aesthetics are not the same across individuals, and as much as I find IE800 to be absolutely beautiful, to some a IEM with two holes at the back and that is glossy won't be as appealing.

    In this case, I actually find what iBasso is creating to be unique, fun and interesting. And that is what it should all be about, being fun and unique, having an identity. Their sound and the music they'll produce will surely mark your impressions on them more than their looks. In fact, this is how it usually is for me. I don't like ATH M-50 for example. I can't remember what I thought about their aspect before I heard them, but after hearing them, the sonic impression changed my impression over their aspect as well. Maybe I didn't like HD800S before hearing them either, or maybe I thought they looked weird, but now I find them sexy. Have an open mind to new stuff, because the sonic impression and what you do with it will change your input on it.

    Oh, one more fun example. I use to think Dacia cars are all bad, but I took a vacation and the only car I could get in that time was a Dacia as no other car renting services had anything left. The trip itself was so fun and I had so much fun driving it that now I like Dacia cars :)
  9. corn
    Hi guys... I have been waiting for IT04 for a long time and only lately had the opportunity to spend a good 15 - 20 min auditioning it at Zeppelin & Co in Singapore.

    Noticed a few things and would like to get some inputs and see if we have similar impression.

    Now firstly, I felt the bass hitting reasonably hard. I'll give it a good 9/10 score.
    Secondly the clarity and separation of vocal is superb. I'll give 9.5 here.
    Next is the highs - very good extension. 9/10 seems reasonable to me. However I sometimes hear a sibilance in a badly recorded chinese pops.
    Sub Bass - this is where I may have offended some. I'm scoring it 6.5/10 here. I'm not sure if it's because I couldn't get a good seal or what but it just doesn't sound full body in this sub bass region.

    So guys, from what I gathered above... would be good if someone can share similar comparison.

    Forgot to mention that the above was tested using DX90.
  10. superuser1
    Thanks for that. Maybe you could try different tips for a better seal. I have noticed over the period of time that a good seal is absolutely essential for an iem to sound its true self.
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  11. George Taylor
    You could be the James May of Head-Fi!
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  12. corn
    In fact I did change the stock tip to the acoustune ones. Still I still felt the lack of sub bass. However I have to mention that no matter how I adjust the right side, I could always hear a leakage as though there's no complete seal. I do understand that this is a hybrid and there's a need for a vent on the shell but I don't hear that leakage from the left side. I wanted to conclude that it's due to wear and tear but there's still some discomfort to get this before knowing if what I tried would be what I'm gonna get.

    Another thing that I've heard... need some clarification from @Paul - iBasso here. The tuning of the demo sets is not final and the production would have a slight tuning difference.
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  13. Dobrescu George
    Oh, I'd love to :)
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  14. jamato8 Contributor
    I listen with the IT04 all the time. I don't get any sibilance in the music unless it is already there, and would expect it. Also I get good sub and low bass, well controlled with good impact. If you don't have good tip fit, then you won't get this. Often ear canals are a different size so you have to work with the tips to get the right ones. Luckily for me the grey silicone medium work extremely well for both of my ears. Having compared these to my custom JH13 Pro freq phase, I prefer the larger staging and sound of the IT04.
  15. toranku
    Went to audition the IT04 today. Also tried the IT03 for comparison. When compared to the IT04, the 03 comes off as inferior in every single way possible.

    The IT04 gives an out of head soundstage experience. It has incredible width, depth and height (for its price). Layering punches above its weight for its asking price too. The bass resonates and has softer edges. Mids are also more forward (compared to IT03, but it's still behind the bass). The 04 is more balanced, engaging and technically superior to the 03.
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