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iBasso IT04 IEM, 4 Drivers. Enjoy the Music! Release: July 2, 2018

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  1. Glasha
    I put the cable and the IEMs in the iBasso box, they can't move at all inside it :wink:
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  2. PaganDL
    In case anyone is curious,

    IT 04 works very well with Sony IER M7 stock cable, humbly & subjectively, doesn't matter whether balanced or unbalanced though I prefer to use 4.4 mm version.

    Personally & subjectively, gives the overall sound signature a much rounder, more balanced sound with no real emphasis in any frequency range though certainly, track dependant, there is more impact, whether good or bad thing is highly personal.

    Hope everyone has a great day !
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  3. OverlordRush
    Demo the it04 today, the built quality seems really nice and ibasso is nice enough to have a 2.5mm cable + adapter included with the IEM. They sounded really good as well, but the decay seems too short and it somewhat feels like a BA iem instead of a hybrid.
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  4. Dobrescu George
    The decay in the bass is indeed like that actually :)

    Short, quick, snappy and detailed bass.

    The decay in the mids is slower, making the mids more organic and smoother
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  5. SteveOliver
    Its a bit quiet in here, we must all be enjoying our IT04 IEMs. :)

    Strange they don't get more love to be honest. I'm really enjoying mine at at the moment with a Shure BT2 bluetooth cable and JVC Spiral dot tips. Audio bliss.

    Very detailed sound, great sound-stage and tonality. What's not to like, just perfect.
  6. jamato8 Contributor
    I think there are so many IEMs out now that people aren't sure what to buy and when they come to threads like this, they may think it is hype, which sometimes it is. In this case, IMO, the IT04 are not hype. They are a solid performer, so much so, I have been using my customs that cost 3 times as much because the IT04 are better.
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  7. SteveOliver
    Me too. I won't say they are better than Westone W80, SE846 and UE 18+ Pro but they hold their own.
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  8. kdphan
    I have both IT04 and UE18+ 3rd gen.

    IT04 is great but not there compared to the UE18.
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  9. SteveOliver
    I find them complementary, yes the UE18 is a lot more refined but the IT04 has a "funner" sound signature has more bass more upper mids/treble is it more "V" shaped perhaps (I think that's what those audiophile types say :) )

    Listening to the Piano Guys Live album yesterday with the IT04 revealed lots of extra details I hadn't noticed before, or was it just the mood I was in, not sure but it sounded very nice.
  10. Sunstealer
    Just upgraded from IT01s to IT04. I have a pair of ER4XR and really prefer the triple flange silicone tips. I picked some non-branded white silicone tips from the auction site and they fit perfectly.
  11. maira
    Do you think its a big step up?
    Last edited: Apr 20, 2019
  12. Sunstealer
    I have just received them in the post today and won't have time to evaluate them for a few days. I will post after some burn-in :)
  13. Layman1
    I have both, and I do think the IT04 is a significant step up.
    I think the IT01s is a very strong performer in a very competitive price bracket with lots of highly regarded IEM's. I haven't heard DM6, Kanas Pro etc, so I can't comment on those personally.

    The IT01s shares something of the tuning of the IT04, but I simply get the feeling of stepping up into a much higher level when moving up to the IT04.
    Again, this isn't to say anything against the IT01s; I do feel it is an excellent IEM.

    Rather, that I feel the IT04 is approaching the levels of TOTL IEM's, albeit perhaps not quite there; nevertheless, there's a clear step up in quality from the IT01s.
    But for the price, I would say the IT04 actually offers a higher price/quality/value ratio than the IT01s.

    I reviewed both in the past and in my recent IT01s review, I did offer some passing comparisons between the two.

    There is also a more detailed and excellent review by @twister6 that's well worth looking at and offers more extensive and detailed comparisons between the two.
    Hope this helps :)
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  14. crazyeyes
    I'm having this same issue right now but it wasn't happening with the cp240 right away it's only after usi g them for a bout a week or so with the cp240 now they slide right off. I've tried cleaning the inside of the tip and wiping down the it04 nozzle but no luck.
  15. Paul - iBasso
    Please use some alcohol on a cloth and wipe the nozzle. Often a little oil gets on the nozzle makes it more slippery. Also a tight fitting tip can solve the problem. One person contacted me and said he took a little sandpaper and gently took the shine off of the nozzle where it touches the tip and with a good fitting tip, they no longer came off.
    iBasso Stay updated on iBasso at their sponsor page on Head-Fi.
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