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iBasso IT01 a fun IEM. Single multilayered graphene driver. !! 99 USD !!

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  1. Lidson Mendes Br
    Thank you decided by Shanling M3s, now waiting for the IT04 to be released to pull the trigger as well.

    I hope the IT04 comes with the balanced cable to take advantage of the M3s.
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  2. Lidson Mendes Br
    Thank you so much help in choosing, M3s will be my Dap.
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  3. Dsnuts Contributor
    Balanced is becoming a standard feature in a lot of the newer DAPs out on the market and I am seeing more and more balanced terminated cables out on the market as a result. There are plenty of affordable balanced cables out in the market. Aliexpress is your friend.

    People that say they don't hear much difference in balanced need to try your earphones on a better source that has a better balanced out. IMO the IT01 is excellent amped, balanced and or single end which makes them even more versatile than a lot of earphones.

    I said it before and I will say it again. If you think your IT01 sound great now. Wait till you try it out with a proper balanced configuration. Guaranteed to make you smile from ear to ear.
    Last edited: Jan 4, 2018
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  4. vsls
    We were indeed lucky! Initially I thought I wanted the black version but now I feel better having the red/blue.
    I currently use them without any amp, but of course HTC M9 is a bit more powerful than other smartphones. It also sounds more engaging and a bit warmer.
    I can't hear that hiss when they are used straight out of my laptop.
    I can only hear some crackling when there is too much bass, I hope this will be tamed with further drivers burn in.

    Regarding the need of a dedicated DAP, I believe that any smartphone can easily drive them, so don't afraid if you don't have any other portable source.
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  5. ivo001
    I keep checking on a daily basis if more of them show up in clearance lol. Trying to postpone buying a $100 till my b-day end of march, but if such an awesome deal shows up again I have to take advantage of it.
  6. vsls
    I wouldn't mind paying full price for what I hear OOTB so yes you should check the site regularly.
    Also since I'm also coming from a full Xiaomi and KZ range of IEMs I can't see the reason to go back to sub-$50 IEM anytime soon.
    Thank you iBasso, now I'm ruined! :D
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  7. razorpakk
    I think until 100/150$ it's a reasonable value, it's the next real upgrade that will require over 500$ :L3000:
    Last edited: Jan 4, 2018
  8. fuhransahis
    Yeah, lucky to those of you who still consider $100 to be "ruined", even $500 lol.
  9. JKDJedi
    My first $100 iem, didn't know I was ordering them from China! Gonna be a long 3 weeks. :frowning2: I'll be playing these off my LGV20 and iDSD Black Edition. Curious now about getting a balanced out amp now too. AliExpress for that...really?
  10. JKDJedi
    Why aren't you using Tidal?
  11. razorpakk
    Discerning between a good ripped mp3 and flac is already debatable, imagine through a phone on a 100$ pair of iems.
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  12. Dobrescu George
  13. JKDJedi
    An LGV20 or LGV30? Both tops for IEMs but you should try the Tidal free trial, its not debatable for me, I can hear the difference between a Spotify track and a Tidal Hi Fi track. But few can't, so I get your response.
  14. PinkyPowers
    Still thoroughly enjoying the IT01. And it pairs great with the Cayin N5II.

    N5II & IT01 01.jpg
  15. kukkurovaca
    For those using the IT01 with the M3S balanced, how warm/hot does the player get?
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