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iBasso IT01 a fun IEM. Single multilayered graphene driver. !! 99 USD !!

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  1. dontcallmejan
    It's 2.5mm. I think it has no shared ground connection to the jack, so each channel has a different wire/connection? Also some DAPs that have a balanced out have a dedicated DAC and OP AMP per channel, it really depends on the implementation. I don't really know the science behind it. All I know are the advantages (from experience, friends, and reading) haha
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  2. JKDJedi
    Ok thanks, so it is somewhat the same as over the head headphones, with matching balanced amp implimentation. Only IEM share the same 2.5 mm jack. I'm sure a trained eye could spot the physical wired differences..Intresting world.
  3. dontcallmejan

    Had my stock cable reterminated to balanced. Since the Ibasso jack can't be opened, it had to be cut. I decided to let them cut 2 inches to be used as a 3.5mm adapter!
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  4. razorpakk
    About 20 hours in, really enjoying this signature, glad I moved on from F9 for these (lost some details but the treble here is perfect).
  5. ivo001
    Did you get the FH01 yet? Looking out to get a ~$60-100 IEM in a few months, and currently IT01 is on the top of my list. But I've read that you were going to geth the Fiio FH01 as well and would love to read a comparison.
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  6. razorpakk
    Ordered it two days ago from Advancedmp3players.co.uk to use the boxing day discount, but still out of stock - stock should arrive this week according to Fiio.
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  7. vsls
    I have received my pair from Advancedmp3players.co.uk and OOTB they sound amazing. I don't have any other IEM close to them to compare but I'm already satisfied.
    Playing a bit with the tips I feel that the wider bore stock tips give me best sound and fit, I need to play a bit more.
    There is some slight grain when a song is too much detailed and needs better instruments separation but we are still at 5hrs burn in.
    Also when they are connected to my HTC M9 using PowerAmp there is a slight hissing at the silent parts of the songs (using 320kbps). Is this due to the sensitivity of the IEMS, the quality of the MP3 or the source? I need to figure it out

    On a side note, my pair was a clearance (open box) item and I must say that the service by Advancedmp3players.co.uk was stellar and they are now high on my list for future purchases.
  8. maskapl
    Do you have by any chance diagram how to reterminate it to 2.5 jack?
    Many thanks
  9. Drew_C
    I've been reading quite a bit of this thread, and it seems the IT01s are a bit more source dependent than some other IEMs at this price point. Anybody have an idea how much mileage I would get out of the DragonFly DACs, or any other usb-powered dac/amp? I've noticed a lot of the reviews use DAPs as sources. I always have my laptop on me, so I don't have a need for a DAP, but if the the IT01s sound better out of that kind of technology I'll go that route.

    On a related note, I've noticed a lot of IEM reviews use DAPs, and a lot of headphone reviews use DACs/amps of various sizes. Is there a reason for these different trends?
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  10. fuhransahis
    Who reterminated it for you? And how much was it? Great that the 2.5mm termination they used looks similar to the stock one.
  11. fuhransahis
    I think you should fare well with the Dragonfly, not sure which other USB ones you might use but can't comment as not all are created equal. If you're using the Dragonfly then you'll probably get a little more power than using the Dragonfly out of your phone.

    A good DAP will give you a much better DAC and Amp than what's in your laptop depending on your budget. There is also sound preference to consider. And DAPs are often used with IEMs cause IEMs are primarily in portable use cases, so a dedicated DAP makes sense.

    Many headphones require more power than some DAPs can provide, so they need more powerful Amps, hence the varying sources.
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  12. razorpakk
    I was the other lucky one who grabbed them for 50£, same positive experience with them (which I had use many years ago, always been a good e-shop).

    They're 16Ohm so theoretically any amp around 2 or more Ohm could make them hiss.

    They do ever so slightly with my X7 (which is indeed 2Ohm).
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  13. Lidson Mendes Br
    Someone uses the Ibasso IT01 along with the Shanling M3s, I am in doubt among the Daps.
    Shanling M3s or Cayin N3.
  14. Dsnuts Contributor
    It sounds fantastic out of my M3s. Even better out of the balanced end. M3s is an excellent player in general but I don't own a single earphone or headphone for that matter that doesn't sound right out of my M3s. Versatile with good 12 hours of battery and has good amount of power too. Oh and the player is flawless for me. Shanling only had to update a single firmware from initial release and it is the most bug free mature easy to use DAP I own. If you want just a music player that does just that. Seriouly can't go wrong with the M3s.

    Funny you mention this as I have my IT01 in my ears out of my M3s as I type.

    Don't own the Cayin N3 and I am sure that player is good for the cash but the lack of balanced out is a deal breaker for me.
    Last edited: Jan 4, 2018
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  15. Pete7874
    I use IT01 with M3s. I am still burning them in, but so far I think it's a great match... plentiful bass and very well controlled treble, not overbearing.
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