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iBasso IT01 a fun IEM. Single multilayered graphene driver. !! 99 USD !!

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  1. Glebuzzz
    Average IEMs: boomy bass, distant mids, rough but bearable HFs.
    Nice cable and package though.
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  2. terry81
    First listen, right? I thought the same.. burn them in and report back with your findings. Give them 50-100 hours listening time.

    PS. If you still don't like it after burn in let me know, I'm interested in a 2nd pair for my gf, she's constantly "abusing" mine. If it happens to be the red/blue version it'd be perfect.
    Last edited: Dec 30, 2017
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  3. Dobrescu George
    I wouldn't call the mids distant, I'm not so much in love with forward midranges except for Etymotic and only becaue they really do it well.

    As for the bass, it really settles better after a while, the high frequencies are just right for this price range. I like more treble generally, but I think that at this price range, IT01 is quite excellent!
  4. JuanLuis91
  5. HiFiChris Contributor
    Due to their individually different tonality (rather v-shaped vs bassy and smooth), the mids will appear more recessed on the IT01 in comparison.

    Quite different approach - Oriveti = smooth, soft, cosy, IT01 = rawer, tighter, more focused. If your looking for an in-ear with a similar signature as the BASIC, then the IT01 will probably have a little too much treble energy for you and will probably not be as intimate in the mids as you'd like to. If you're however looking for an addition to your collection with a different tonality but also cleaner separation and better speed and tightness, then the IT01 might be a very interesting model.
  6. JuanLuis91
    Thanks por the explanation! As a source I use the cayin n3. It is possible that the sound signature of it01 complements the body and dynamics of Cayin.
  7. Paul - iBasso
    For those that this will be their new year, Enjoy and have an excellent 2018. Good fortune to all of you.
    iBasso Stay updated on iBasso at their sponsor page on Head-Fi.
  8. stryed
    Best wishes to you. Congratulations on the great product which made my holidays even better :ksc75smile:
  9. JKDJedi
    I couldn't stand it anymore...just ordered mine. Hope they sound as good as the reviews are.
  10. Ahmad313
    Thank you very much Sir, best wishes for you and your team,
    So it's 2018 now, please share some confirm informations/updates about the releasing date of IT04 and make this new year more exciting for us, thanks.
  11. JKDJedi
  12. razorpakk
    Since iBasso doesn't sell this cable yet, what's a reasonably priced cable with a similar soft feel?
  13. shootertwist
    So guys is this really better than the classic ie80? Kind of missed the punchy bass of the ie80
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  14. Dobrescu George
    I cannot say if better, but I have been using it more lately, since my ie80 pair is with my girl :darthsmile:

    At any rate, you shouldn't be disappointed with either.

    I kinda prefer the more energetic top end of IT01 more , ie80 tends to be quite smooth and relaxed
  15. JKDJedi
    Coming from Narmoo B2m (which I really love) I"m curious how these will compare, I kinda feel the IBasso are the first "real" IEM I'm gonna own.
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