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iBasso IT01 a fun IEM. Single multilayered graphene driver. !! 99 USD !!

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  1. Frank88
    Thanks for the summary comparison. I was wondering how IT01 compared to TFZ Exclusive 5 (which I own) since both are graphene driver IEMs.
  2. stryed
    I wonder how the T2 fits between the other two! I can't wait for my IT01...It was a difficult pick between the CH9T and the IT01, especially with the 50% extra in cost these days.
  3. Ivan TT

    By a twist of fate one of CH9T's monitors failed (distortion) on the same day IT01 arrived, so I'm kind of forced into enjoying IT01 for now (and while not being superstitious, what a sign! LOL)

    So far IT01 seems to respond well to burn-in, will report on the progress later on, when will have more conclusive observations and impressions.

    By the way, I see you have Mojo too, if you don't mind me asking at what level you listen to IT01 to? For me it's two reds, one click down from orange-red.
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  4. hydroid
    Glad to see you here as well @Ivan TT ..been following your threads (ch9t and Zishan z1) and enjoyed the CH9T for almost a year until I auditioned a well burned in IT01 and sold the CH9T. Sad to hear about your ch9t's monitor failure but I am sure you'll be enjoying these IT01 just give it sufficient time to burn in..
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  5. pr0b3r
    Somewhere in the reds as well but not more than that. Whenever I use the IT01 with Mojo, they kind of sound darker than I prefer. I prefer to listen to them with neutral or neutral to bright sources.

    Your CH9T felt bad because you decided to get something new that could potentially replace them. :stuck_out_tongue:
    Last edited: Dec 21, 2017
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  6. Ivan TT

    I think they overreacted, I still love them!

    So much so that I probably get another pair, they are cheap as on amazon atm.

    Agree re: mojo, it's a bit on a darker side, but I miss the level of the detail and soundtstage when using M2s natively...
  7. pr0b3r
    I've seen $79 as the lowest offering now for the CH9T on Amazon. Way cheaper than how much I got mine. That's still a good IEM for the money. I wonder if they will soon release new models. Now, I'm waiting for their DAP, the XDP-20, to be available internationally.

    Agree with the additional soundstage and detail improvement on the Mojo. :thumbsup:
  8. Ivan TT
    Having said that, it does not sound TOO bad with M2s, I've been looking for synergy like Z1+EMX500 have, this IT01+M2s definitely have some magic going on, especially when using short-slow filter (I wish it was mojo, not M2s though).
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  9. terry81
    Same here but I grew used to it, new headphones always sound more or less "weird" for the first dozens-hundreds of hours. I burn them in by listening to them during the day then playing sweeps and pink noise throughout the night at a volume slightly above my comfortable level. Did this with all other cans and while there are some that make no difference with burn-in I was definitely able to notice burn-in in K701, Senn HD650 and IE8.
    Burn in matters. Cables matter - bought a cable for my Audeze LCD3's, paid nearly $500 for it but couldn't stand the sound, reverted back to stock cable within minutes. I think you need good enough equipment to hear some of the more subtle differences like burn-in or a cable swap.
    For example I can definitely tell there's somewhat less bass quantity today than yesterday in the IT01, but today it's tighter and punchier. I'm not expecting it to remain like this either, it will continue to change over the next few days. I love it though, low notes rumble nicely, with authority.
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  10. pr0b3r
    I agree with the synergy thing. Different sources or cables can generate different sound characteristics, even subtle only. Burn in is still debatable for some but I do it anyway. With the current condition of my IT01, it somehow reminds me of my previous experience with the IT03. There are times that they sound thin, but at the right moment and when the song needs it, the deep rumble seeps in along with the punchy midbass (not so punchy with IT03).

    I'm using the Fengru EMX500 earbuds as well. They might sound colored but still enjoyable. They sound complete just like the IT01. You won't feel any lacking frequency on the whole spectrum, unless you require much less or much more.
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  11. terry81
    Burn in is real, I think it's mostly people that have a (very) weak link in their sound system who think it's a myth. Our brain picks up the slightest differences, a sound arriving at your left ear milliseconds after the right ear tells the brain the sound is coming from the right and how far approximately and whether it's in the back or front. Similarly it picks on the slightest difference in frequency but I think we all agree you need a sound system clean enough so that a +/-0.5db change in bass frequency response will be perceptible, otherwise it will be buried under noise, crackles, pops and hisses.

    It's like giving a rally car to average Joe, let him drive for a few days then upgrade his engine from 320hp to 330hp and expect him to see night and day difference. It's a difference that Colin McRae might notice and benefit from, but not average Joe since engine power was not his limiting factor.
    Last edited: Dec 21, 2017
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  12. davidcotton
    If anyone in the uk wants a bargain (or an excuse) amp3 have got two box opened it01's in stock for £50.87. Had box opened stuff from them before and can't tell the difference. Only downside is that you may now not get it before christmas. They are under the clearance section. Was tempted myself until I remembered that my mutant right ear doesn't like iems and so wouldn't fit me :frowning2: :)
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  13. razorpakk
    Thanks for this (as my wallet says "curse you!"), just bought one.

    Will compare it with F9 and FH1.

    Was about to buy Simgot en700pro (as I wanted a solid single driver), but I guess this will do for almost a third of the price.
    Last edited: Dec 21, 2017
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  14. Ivan TT
    After about 15 hours of burning in IT01's signature changed, and I like it!

    Sometimes I find tracks that sound especially good on a particular pair of earphones, turns listening into an outworldly and special experience (like you forget that you wear earphones, but feel total immersion and connection and all but dissolve in music and sound, somehow I'm sure we all praise this kind of experience and seek it), this one is my IT01 track (wait for 2m10s! :wink: ):

    @pr0b3r, two amber greens, one down from amber-green-green :wink:
    Last edited: Dec 21, 2017
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  15. pr0b3r
    Subbass from the abyss! Nice!

    I grabbed my CH9T from the drawer to check which has deeper subbass as you mentioned earlier that you still favor the CH9T in that department. I thought "no way" so I tried. So now, I'm not really surprised, my earlier thoughts are still the same. The IT01 still goes deeper and has more quantity than the CH9T. I think each one of them can please anyone according to their preferences when it comes to quantity as well as quality.
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