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iBasso IT01 a fun IEM. Single multilayered graphene driver. !! 99 USD !!

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  1. Hotzigetty
    Thanks for clearing that up. The issue for me was the photos don't clearly show the shape (or how it compares vs the IT03). More interested in the IT01 now (and the IT04 if it is similarly shaped).
  2. Dsnuts Contributor
    Agreed. Fingers crossed the IT04 is not gonna cost my arm and my leg with a pint of blood.
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  3. Hotzigetty
    Well, I got my IT03 used and a friend got them (at an unbelievable price) three days after I got them, so.... :)
  4. Dsnuts Contributor
    I have hopes the IT04 can be TOTL sound without the TOTL price. Lets hope. IT01 made me a fan of Ibasso iems. 1st Ibasso Iem for me actually but I have a feeling it wont be my last. So am I correct in saying this is only the 2nd iem from Ibasso? And it literally mops the floor with anything coming close to the price range?

    If I heard how these sounded like from a $100 earphone a year ago. I would have said your trippin. No way is this $100 phone. No possible way.
  5. Hotzigetty
    Haven't heard the IT01 but yes it'd the 2nd iem from ibasso.

    We've come a long way in the last couple of years in terms of value iems
  6. dbaker1981
    Ordered mine this morning. Can’t wait to hear them. Didn’t have much luck with the it03’s.
  7. scotvl
    I'm definitely getting these but I've been waiting for them to show up on amazon.ca or amazon.com so I can get them under the tree before Christmas. It looks like that isn't going to happen so to those of you who already have them how long did it take to get them?
  8. Layman1
    Couldn't agree more! I heard the IT01 and IT04 at CanJam London this year.
    I thought the IT04 were astonishingly good (a clear step up in every department from the IT01 and IT03).
    Since then, they've apparently adjusted the tuning on the IT04 to make it sound even better! :)

    I'm hugely enjoying my IT01 which I think are now fully burned in (along with the AMP5 unit on my DX200).
    I really don't want to overhype things, but based on what I've heard in person, and based on the suggested price of around $600 that was spoken of for the IT04, I have a feeling these are going to be giant-killers in much the same way that the DX200 has been in the DAP world.

    I already feel iBasso have knocked it out of the park with the IT01.
    Let's see what happens next :D
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  9. DannyBai
    Much better then ckr9 and 10 imo. Beats the pm4 from trinity as well.
    under 2 weeks from Penon. I think 9 or 10 days.
    Last edited: Dec 14, 2017
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  10. Layman1
    One thing to mention regarding this is the source. I took a quick look at your profile; are you using the Fiio X5iii? Or if not, then which source(s)?
    I'd love to understand better where you're coming from :)

    I use the DX200 and have most of the AMP units.
    I use the original AMP1 with both balanced and SE outs and a neutral, reference style sound.
    I preferred the balanced output (which also let me use my upgraded balanced cables).
    So I also use the balanced AMP3 with a slightly more warm, musical and organic sound.
    However, when preferring the balanced output, I'm not sure how much of it is down to the cables or the balanced architecture and its implementation.

    Right now, I've been using AMP5 non-stop since I received it at the same time as the IT01.
    It sounds terrific (sound signature analogous to that of the AMP3) and I haven't really noticed anything lacking from when I was using the balanced AMP3 with either IT03 or Noble Katana.

    However, now that I've finally completed burn-in (or brain-burn-in; as you wish), I'm ready to start comparing and contrasting.
    Will be interested to see how the IT01 sounds with the balanced CB13 cable on the AMP3 and AMP1.
    You may be right, and it might sound better. If so, I still have the slight conundrum of how much is down to the cable and how much is down to the AMP architecture and implementation :p

    But I suspect it will be a case of not necessarily better, but just different sound signatures (just has been the case with the different AMPS I've tried).
    I've preferred different ones at different times, and with different genres and different IEM's :)
    It's quite time-consuming, this hobby. Fortunately I've got the music to keep me company while I do it :p
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  11. jamato8 Contributor
    When I order from iBasso it take 3 or 4 days by DHL. If ordered on a Monday, I often get a package on Wed.
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  12. pr0b3r
    They are shaped nicely and more universal, unlike the IT03 which aren't ideal for some other people's ears (but still not bad for iBasso's first IEM).


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  13. Hotzigetty
    Thanks, that definitely looks smoother than the sharp end on the It03.
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  14. pr0b3r
    The IT03's shape has its own benefits though. You get the custom feel and good fit/isolation if you are lucky. Some people didn't like them because their ears were shaped differently. Depends entirely on each ear's anatomy. I'm glad that iBasso decided to give a more friendly and universal shape to the IT01.
  15. PinkyPowers
    Yeah, the IT03 was "amazing" for some ears and "awful" for others. While the IT01 should be "pretty good" for all ears. That's a reasonable compromise.
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