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iBasso IT01 a fun IEM. Single multilayered graphene driver. !! 99 USD !!

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  1. mbwilson111
    Do you not like any of the silicone tips? Those can be cleaned. I do not use foams at all on any of my iems. I personally hate the feeling of them and it is gross to me that they can harbor germs. If I did use foams I would probably change them every week or two. I have so many just sitting in bags unused... ones that were included with various iems.

    I use various silicone tips depending on the fit of the iem. At the moment I have Spin-fits on my iBasso.
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  2. 8bitHopes
    I just like the sound-isolation and the amount of bass you get from the foam ones. I don't think any of the silicone ones provide such amounts - that being said I am getting curious and will probably try every single one of the silicone pairs and see if they provide the results I need.
  3. mbwilson111
    Depends on the tips and depends on what kind of bass you want.... along with everything else. I get great isolation with many silicones... you just have to figure out what size fits you best and also the shape and how deep you want them to go in. I am constantly amazed when an iem that did not sound good at all in the beginning suddenly sounds exactly right with a different tip. What tip that is will not necessarily be the right one for someone else.

    Sometimes I try five or six different tips until I find the right one...and sometimes I find the right one all along was the first one and I just had not sealed it correctly.

    I don't care about isolation one way or another. Many days I prefer a good earbud (which have gotten surprisingly good). I have both open and closed headphones.... and I like speakers:)

    Actually... I just like music.
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  4. PaganDL
    Hi @8bitHopes,

    I suggest a few things, maybe more elbow grease, use isopropyl alcohol instead along with wet wipes as anything else would more than likely gum it up further or just contact @Paul - iBasso for more help.

    Hope you have a great day !
  5. sponsor
    Does anybody else have this problem with spiral dots? They just get completely pushed back sometimes when put inside the ear.

  6. mbwilson111
    I get plenty of bass and I get enough isolation for me. The tip has to be exactly the correct fit... a good seal. Sometimes that means deeper insertion which happens with Spinfits. Sometimes it mean a wider more shallow tip. It is different with different iems. There is no one best tip for all iems or for all people.

    Some people use foams to tame the treble on some iems.

    I think there is a thread for tips:)

    ...and another for cables...

    I have not looked a them.
    Last edited: Jun 26, 2019
  7. mbwilson111
    The core is too big for the nozzle. The only way you can stop that from happening is if you put a spacer on first... like a silicone keyboard ring or small O ring. Otherwise, if you want a wide opening like that you need to find a different tip that has a more narrow core. Are you not satisfied with the wide bore tips that came with the IT01?

    edit: I just mentioned this to my husband @HungryPanda , and he just looked at his iBasso IT01s and he has a spacer on it. I have the regular ITO1. Maybe I will remove the Spinfits and try this with the wide bore stock tips. See which sounds best.

    Here is a photo of his

    Last edited: Jun 26, 2019
  8. sponsor
    The wide bore tips that came with the earphones itch my ears from the bottom side, the end of the tip rubs against my ear.
    I'd see if I can get a small O ring to fit in there.
  9. boblauer
    Or as an alternate I use these Tennmak tips which are available thru Amazon in an 18 piece bundle with a zipper case for $10 and they do not slid down the stem for me.

  10. Darren Cotter
    Received some IT01s yesterday and already they are broken. Within half an hour, the right-hand cable had fallen out three times, even though it was securely fitted and the headshell would spin around quite happily.

    This comes after a set of IT03 lost a wax guard after some tip rolling and two DX200 DAPs went faulty on me. One started booting with a blank screen and the other wouldn't connect to my Wi-Fi from new, even though a Fiio X7ii, a Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge and two laptops did quite happily at the same time.

    iBasso can't be this bad, it must just be my bad luck. I was planning to get a DX220 when my current DX200 sells, but I think you will understand if I give it a miss.
  11. Paul - iBasso
    I apologize for the issue you have had with the IT01. If local, please ask the seller for a replacement or refund. We do have quality control people that check every device to make sure that there are no issues. This is on each one and not as some check every 10 etc. Again I apologize that this has happened.
    iBasso Stay updated on iBasso at their sponsor page on Head-Fi.
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  12. JKDJedi
    You pissed somebody off? Wow... Major Bad luck.. or you handle your hear kinda ruff. Sorry about it. :D
  13. Darren Cotter
    Thanks Paul. With all the previous issues I've had, I'm getting a refund.
  14. Darren Cotter
    I like to think I'm good with my stuff, bordering on a bit OCD. I've had IEM's from FiiO, Sennheiser, Dunu, Fidue, Shure and Final. Never broke a single one.
    Last edited: Jul 31, 2019
  15. issuzark
    Whoah one lemon after another?
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