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iBasso DX80 . . impressions and reviews. . and discussion NEW FW: 1.6.0 ** link . . 1st page . . .

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by jamato8, Nov 2, 2015.
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  1. icefalkon
    Well I absolutely love the IT01’s with all of my DAP’s and I’m testing out the not even released IT04’s. They are unreal with it. But for the money...the IT01’s for $99 take the win.
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  2. gazzington
    I'm thinking of getting a dx80. Are they still a good purchase in 2018? I have a zx300 but I would like something cheaper for work day etc
  3. mgunin
    I guess at its current prices DX80 is still a great choice! 2 memory cards, 10+ hours of work, pocketability, low output impedance... If you like the tonality and headphone pairing, why not.
  4. wormcycle
    At $259 on Amazon it is a great buy. Yes people complain about interfaces, but I only care about sound, and DX-80 still sounds great. And iBasso support is very good. It was a bit edgy when I sent my to China for battery replacement but it went well. They respond to emails in few hours.
  5. wolfen68 Contributor
    I believe the DX-80 is the best bang for the buck performer out there. A great sound and tons of versatility. Also a great transport with it's multiple digital out options.
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  6. HungryPanda
    I have to agree the DX80 was the first dap to knock the cowon P1 off my listening rota
  7. gazzington
    Is it better than shanling m3s or cayin n5ii?
  8. jon parker
    Put it this way . . . You will not be disappointed
  9. gazzington
    I've just bought one off advanced mp3 UK for about £200 new. They are on discount today and I applied a voucher. Hopefully I'll like it :)
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  10. gazzington
    When mine arrives and I want to update the firmware, do I need to just load the latest firmware or all the ones before it. Sorry if this sounds silly
  11. zombicube
    Just the latest.
  12. icefalkon
    Don't worry you're going to love the sound of that DAP. It's one of the most highly rated and recommended affordable DAP's on the market today. Frankly it blows the others in it's category out of the water.
  13. gazzington
    Well it arrives tomorrow. Do you know what's funny? I've bought many daps over the last few years but still excited when I get a new one!
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  14. iFi audio
    Hey, same story is with our crew. Audio mail never gets old !!!
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  15. gazzington
    Well it’s arrived. I’ve not had time to try it yet but it’s charging and I’ll load it with an sd card later. It’s a very well built unit and looks stunning
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