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ibasso dx50

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by grazzer, Apr 16, 2014.
  1. grazzer
    Can anyone help please. i think i may have accidentally formatted my dx50 whilst formatting a new micro sd card! My computor just sees the player as an empty E drive now and i cant send new firmware to it. any ideas please?
  2. KT66
    I would contact Ibasso first
  3. serafko
    If you see 2 drives one for dx50 and one for sdcard, than everything is OK. The system files of DX50 is not displayed in explorer. 
  4. grazzer
    thank you I think I will have to do that.
  5. grazzer
    Thank you for your reply.  I just see  'e' and 'f' drives now so I guess the device drivers have gone! The DX50 screen does not show usb hook-up either. Is there any way of reloading them? 
  6. p2thej
    Is there a way to do it yet? I had encounter the same problem as well. Please help! =(
  7. paulrgod
    Hi, dont panic, it can be fixed - I did the exact same thing a couple of days after owning mine!
    Power off the device, then turn it on while pressing and holding Volume up to enter recovery mode.
    Once Recovery Boots use the Volume down button to scroll down to 'Wipe Data / Factory Reset' and then press the power button to perform the action.  After a moment it will complete - then select 'reboot system now'.
    This should reformat the internal storage and make it available to use again!
    Hope it helps!
  8. paulrgod
    Any luck reviving it?
  9. grazzer
    Hi sorry for late reply,  I ended up having the dx50 replaced under warranty and have since bought a dx90.
    Many thanks for your reply though.
  10. rms

    This post is old but I'm really glad it's here. Could be that noone else will need this since this player is now pretty old but it saved me. This info is not available from iBasso or anywhere else on the web that I was able to find. So thanks very much to the OP if you are still around Head-Fi! Unfortunately, after finding this post and getting my new (to me) DX50 to function I found out that it has a bad 3.5mm output jack right out of the box, so it has to go back to Pro Sound. And now, the search for a reasonably priced durable portable DAP with basic hi res functionality and great sound continues...

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