iBasso DX50 phone out jack no longer works properly-- can I fix this myself?
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Mar 12, 2014
I've owned a DX50 for just over a year, and been happy with it as my first dedicated non-fruit player-- lurking and reading here was extremely helpful in choosing not only this first player, but the FiiO X1 I later purchased as a back-up device.  Thanks, everyone.
My problem:  much earlier this year, I dropped it while at work, and afterward, the phone out jack wouldn't seat my earbuds properly (nothing fancy, just plain old Phillips buds.)  The 3.5mm jack wiggled in the PO housing, and as a result, really irritating distortion and crackle in the sound.  I sent my DX50 back to iBasso in March, just in time to take advantage of the warranty... but then, nearly three months later, got my package returned as "undeliverable", with no response from the company.  At least I have the unit back, which means I can try to tackle this myself.  I haven't exactly found clear information about this in the forums, however-- mostly information on modding, what amplifiers to use, and the like-- which will be great later on down the line, but is more information than I need, at this time.
What can I do to re-adjust the phone out jack so that it'll work properly?  I know that I can use the LO with increased gain, but I don't want to risk hearing damage in some circumstance where I fail to mind my settings, switching between car usage and work usage.

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