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iBasso DX50 MODS

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by babs, May 27, 2014.
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  1. CoiL
    I just realized that my upgraded HO opamps have 80mA output current per channel - that`s why my low impedance ZS5v1 sounds so great with thumpy-tight-fast-detailed bass&percussion!
    Going to try POSCAPs (10TPE220MIL) soon instead Panasonic FC HO caupling caps, just curious if it will improve since I haven`t tested those yet in that position.
    Also, had to repair HO jack, pins came loose. Thought about changing it out for gold-plated but after resoldering it is tight-fit again, like new.
    Last edited: Mar 4, 2018
  2. CoiL
    Capacitors re-visited:

    This time, after previous DAC-Dif.Amp & HO Opamps upgrades, I decided to re-visit HO coupling capacitors with more accurate comparing (on-the-fly switching) between previous test top favourites.
    I have to tell that this time it`s going to be harder because other mods made my DX50 sound much better and differences between caps are now harder to notice. I chose 2 previous favs - Panasonic FC and Vishay 038RSU - and added Babs favs - Poscaps.
    I will let them all "burn-in" for some time but with initial brief listening (take with grain of salt) differences are as follows:
    * Vishay seem to have somewhat more deep lows
    * FCs seem to have somewhat more laid-back are in some frequencies
    * Poscaps and Vishays are somewhat more "punchier"

    After some comparing will try to combine different setups, like FC+Vishay against the best one from 3-head-to-head.

    These impressions might change after some "burn-in" of caps.
    Will keep You all updated.
    Last edited: Mar 26, 2018
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  3. CoiL
    So, capacitors have had some playtime and I honestly have to say, that using different gear (FidelioX1, ZS5v1, IT01) it is very hard to notice differences (which are very subtle) and I think I will probably go for the Poscaps which have best specs and sound tiny-winey "better" than "more bassy Vishay" and "more smooth/laid-back FC". Though, I think I will "burn-in" them all little longer to be sure (as I don`t bother to open/close DX50 so much).
    Btw, I`m using 6TPF220M5L instead previously planned 10TPE220MIL or 6TPE330MAA for this comparison because of lower ESR and LC.
    Probably going to order 10TPF150ML for LO caps too.

    Actually, If someone is planning to do "PANAMOD" to his/her DX50, then I recommend to go with TPF capacitor selection instead TPE because of better specs.

    Just to be clear - these tests and capacitor selction was done with already upgraded HO opamps & DAC differential opamp & HO decoupling caps & DAC differential amp decoupling cap & DAC analog power supply decoupling caps - so, results without these upgrades applied, are different.

    For those who just want to upgrade HO&LO coupling caps - my recommendation is to use any of those 3: Poscap TPE/TPF, Panasonic FC or Vishay 038RSU - all of them will sound great and differences can be looked up from previous posts by babs, me and others. I preferred FC caps before other upgrades but I didn`t test Poscaps that time.

    EDIT :

    Had some more playtime with all 3 HO coupling capacitors and did some longer listening sessions too - result and choice of final caps is different this time.
    I don`t know how to explain it accurately but I still choose Panasonic FC as HO coupling capacitors. They somehow sound more "natural&dynamic" with more even "focus" on all frequencies.
    Poscaps(TPF) sounded somewhat too "focused" on bass/percussion and treble, causing little "fatique" with some music. No, they were not bad at all but something sounded like "closed in & focused" with too "intruding" signature. And sometimes I heard some decays/reverbs "cut off" too soon and not expanding into "endless" distance of soundstage.
    Vishay 038RSU had somewhat similar signature to TPF but slightly more natural/dynamic but "issue" with them was slightly too much low-end frequencies.
    This is all to be taken with VERY TINY DIFFERENCES and to my ears Panasonic FCs just felt right paired with all other upgrades I have done and with different HPs & IEMs.
    Last edited: Apr 3, 2018
  4. mitnickahead

    Hope i am not posting to wrong thread.

    My DX90 screen went bad, and i already have my local service center calling ibasso but they told us they dont have any spare currently.

    Could i use generic 2.4 inch tft display for the DX90?

    Thank you!
  5. vaggbaba
    You are great man.
    Keep send in info
  6. vaggbaba
    Maybe find in aliexpress or ebay or net and make experiment. These lcds are realy cheap.
    But you can mail to ibasso to ask for a price. They sre excellent in communication and for the prices. They are in China.
  7. CoiL
    Contact @Paul - iBasso via PM in here - I`m sure he will help You!
  8. Paul - iBasso
    I am sorry but we do not have any more screens for the DX50/90 series. I do not know what other screen would work from a different supplier or source.
    iBasso Stay updated on iBasso at their sponsor page on Head-Fi.
  9. CoiL
    Oh gosh, now I have to baby my DX5X because no new spare parts available.
    Well, it has been long time with me and survived all the mods, I think it will last many many more hours ;P
  10. Mad Insomniac
    Hi all,

    Apologies if this is posted in the wrong place!

    I'm hoping somebody my be kind enough to give me their thoughts on this.

    After loosing my iPod classic, I've picked up a used dx50 (always wanted one, love the look of them).

    My iPod set up was.
    Classic - LOD - fiio A5 - DT 770 pro 250ohm.

    I'm set up with the dx50 on FW 1.9.5
    Dx50 - LO - fiio A5 - DT 770 pro 250ohm.

    Now the dx50 SQ is (to my ears) superior over my old iPod set up, wider soundstage, more controlled base and more detail throughout. Having said this. I find the sound from the dx50 set up appears to be somewhat more reassessed in the mids.

    I'm guessing that the LO of the DX is a flatter profile than the iPod, paired with the fiio A5, is bringing out the u shape signature of the dt770, where as the iPod my have been warmer in the mids masking this characteristic of the headphones.

    I also noticed that whe I connect the dt770 directly to the HO of the dx50, it gives me back a little of the mids that I was used to from the iPod set up.
    Although compareing the DX50 LO - fiio A5 with connecting directly to the HO of the dx50, I do find the HO is a little narrower in soundstage and the base is not as controlled.

    So I guess my questions are, does anyone have recommendations for mods or alternative FW that may give me a little more prominent mid range from the dx50 LO, while still retaining (or even improving) the soundstage, base and detail.

    I could leave the dx50 as is and look for different amps, or even change the dt770 for a headphone that is not as U shaped in profile, but I do really like both of these (and funds are always tight)!!

    I'm reasonably good with a soldering iron, I've already taken the dx50 apart (to give it a clean down inside and out).
    I'm confident I could physically swaps out capacitors, but my technical knowledge of capacitors and such things is non existent!

    Thanks again for reading through all of this post, any assistance or your suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

    Last edited: Nov 29, 2018
  11. CoiL
    Mad Insomniac likes this.
  12. Mad Insomniac
    Thanks coil,

    I'm nearly done reading through the thread. Feeling a little lost with all the technical talk!!

    I'll have to see what caps I can find in stock somewhere!!

    If I were to mod the LO caps and LO opamp do you think that would make the changes I am hoping to find??

    I assume I could just start with the caps and move on to the opamps after??

    Thanks for your advice.
  13. CoiL
    First do caps (there is plenty enough comparison between caps by me and babs).
    Most improvement comes from HO and LO opamp change. If You use same HO opamps as I have installed, then You don`t probably need any additional amp with DX50 anymore as it shoots out 80mA/3V per channel @ high gain.
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  14. Mad Insomniac
    I've managed to read through the thread twice, I think it all makes sense to me, now.

    I'll look up parts this weekend and see what I can do. Would be great to improve on this awesome little DAC!!

    Thanks again for the help!!
  15. vaggbaba
    Do you know if happens something to iBasso I have send a dx50 for service and after a few message by email they muted for 2 weeks now.
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