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iBasso DX50 MODS

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by babs, May 27, 2014.
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  1. islubio
    Did u managed to get the replacement button for the play button? Also where did u order the caps and opamp from? element 14?
  2. karloil

    I haven't done any ordering. No time to go throught the whole thread yet. For the meantime, i got myself another dx50 to 'solve' the sluggish button :grimacing:

    Now i have a mint unit for use and another unit for modding :grinning: Still looking for the best place to get the Caps though.
  3. vaggbaba
  4. fiercewaffle
    Is there an updating picture of the PCB with labels showing each component? (e.g
    HO decoupling cap, DAC differential amp decoupling cap, DAC analog power supply decoupling caps, HO coupling capacitors, LO capacitors, HO opamps, LO differential opamp). I'm very experienced soldering but don't know which component is which on these boards exactly.
  5. CoiL
    Read thethread from beginning :wink:
  6. fiercewaffle
    I've read every single page. People reference and have pictures of their soldering jobs on different components but its not clear which is which. I know what the HO and LO coupling capacitors are but I don't know where the DAC analog power supply decoupling caps are or the DAC differential decoupling caps.
  7. CoiL
    Hmmm... I remember having all the pics needed and locations of components @ babs posts (some other users maybe also). Recommend to take a look again but if I have time to get to my PC, I can post pics again.
  8. randytsuch
    So after reading this thread, I decided to buy a dx50 and will be modding it after I collect parts. Should have my new used dx50 pretty soon.

    Have been studying the thread, and looking at the schematic here

    It seems that there are some other caps that could be replaced, C15 and C16, the interstage caps in the block diagram, that block dc to LO and to the 2nd opamp.

    They are 10uf, 10v, but I did some calculations, and 10uf seems way too large for this cap, since R21 is 22k.

    I'm thinking I could use a 0.68uf cap, and that lets me use a SM film cap here.
    Or course you could stick with a 10uf cap, but I would lose the tants and find a better cap that will fit.
  9. randytsuch
    Look at Coil's pics on page 20 of this thread, right before his parts recommendations.
    There are 4 caps that are wired in in one of the pics. The three caps that are next to each other are the DAC analog PS decoupling caps.
    The DAC differential decoupling cap is the one that is right next to the differential amp, which is the 4th wired in cap.

  10. fiercewaffle
    Now my DX50 won't turn on at all. I'm ordering another as well as all the parts. Can someone PLEASE provide a labeled picture that is all inclusive as far as these parts are concerned :

    "4x HO coupling capacitors - Panasonic FC 220uF 10V # EEUFC1A221S
    2x LO capacitors - Panasonic FC 100uF 10V # EEUFC1A101S

    1x HO decoupling cap - Panasonic POSCAP # 10TPE220MIL (7343 case)
    1x DAC differential amp decoupling cap - Panasonic 6TPE100MI (7343 case)
    1x DAC analog power supply decoupling caps - 6TPE100MPB (3528 case
    2x HO opamps - ADA4897-1ARZ
    1x LO differential opamp - ADA4841-2YRZ"

    At the very least can you confirm that the images I modified are correct?
    Last edited: Oct 27, 2017
  11. randytsuch
    Your pic looks right to me, but I don't actually have my dx50 yet lol.

    But, I recommend trying to figure out what happened to the dx50 you have, before you buy and mod another one.
    You really don't want to buy another dx50, and end up with the same problem.

    What did you do to it before it broke?
  12. fiercewaffle
    Honestly have no idea. I installed all the components and just connected the LCD to power it on and make sure it was working. It booted fine and then after putting it back together it wouldn't boot at all. Initially the backlight for the display would turn on but nothing would show. Afterwards the backlight wouldn't even turn on. I know the flexes and everything were connected correctly(I work at UBreakIFix doing phone repair so I've got plenty of experience with flex connectors etc. )
  13. cholero
    A good point to start now: you don’t have much to loose :wink:
    If you want you can post some photos of your player‘s pcb and we can comment if we think that everything you‘ve added is in the right place...
  14. CoiL
    To me, Your parts locations are correct.

    Now, why Your unit isn`t working? Check:
    1) Polarity of capacitors.
    2) DAC differential opamp chip soldering joints (check with magnifier lens) and correct pin alignment.
    3) HO opamps soldering joints (check with magnifier lens) and correct pin alignment.
    4) Check for any damaged pins or misalignment of all connectors.
    5) Any soldering residue between pins anywhere on/under chips.
    6) Did You use low-power soldering iron (didn`t "fry" components).
    7) did You use anti-static tools? Didn`t "ground" Yourself and tools/PCB before soldering and touching it?
    Last edited: Oct 28, 2017
  15. randytsuch
    I would also pull out a meter, and look for shorts between the pins of the opamps that were replaced, and across the pins of all the caps that were replaced. For the caps, you really only need to do the ones with different voltages, but safer to do them all.
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