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iBasso DX50 MODS

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by babs, May 27, 2014.
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  1. CoiL
    And reason for such DAC change? Why would You want that anyway? What is the benefit (if any) ?
    If You give him some pics and parts codes, then yes, shouldn`t be problem for him.
  2. axismundi
    Whilst doable, the average technician may not have the knowledge/tools to change a SMD part such as this - it is no easy feat and it would be extremely easy to damage the board.
    You also have to keep in mind that same pinout does not guarantee that WM8742 is a direct replacement, one needs to check in detail the datasheets and review if hardware and software requirements are exactly the same.
    Even ignoring the above, I for one would not bother. I can certainly understand the excitement, but you're missing the point - by far the weakest stage in a portable player is the amplifier, and this applies very much to DX50 for which WM8740 is already much better than what the amplifier can deliver. Plus the elusive performance improvement with 8742 as per datasheet is a) is at the end of the day insignificant as it is rather small and comes on top of already very good specifications, b) is theoretical while in practice it is very difficult to reach, especially if the schematics and layout are not fully optimized and c) most importantly, is probably linked to 8742 being a 32 bits DAC (vs. 24 for 8740) whereas DX50 is a 24 bit player - unless you write your own operating system for DX50, WM8742 would work in 24 bits mode (that is assuming it would work in the first place).
    axismundiWhat you are saying definitely makes sense, while it seems tempting to try out the mod but most likely only a reasonably prof might get the job done rightly. I seriously like the simple design of dx50/90, which purely on sound. I have a dx90 modded, until now I'm still very happy with it, with the availability of many choices of amp, it offers very decent sound for regular enjoyment for music, and I doubt the newer more expensive, more higher specs players could bring much improvement and justify for an upgrade.
  4. vaggbaba
    I know that when we put capacitors in pararell we add their capacitance so the idea is: we can decrease their mass by put them in the empty space and increase their capacitance as well. Is the more capacitance usefull???
  5. guse
    I have a stock DX50 for 3 years, but since last week, I didn’t get any sound on the right channel.
    I have this issue for the phone out and line out. So, I assume it’s not jack connectors (I also try my headphone on an other DAC without any problem).
    I did not find any thread which explain how to try to repair it. This thread is the most technical thread that I found. Maybe you can help me.
    P.S : if necessary I can create a new thread.
  6. ceemsc

    For completeness sake, did you try the digital out to an external DAC to see if it could be a software / config / DAC issue?
  7. guse
    Hello Ceemsc,
    Thanks for your reply !
    I'm sorry but I don't have any compatible device to test the digital out :frowning2:
  8. cholero
    A factory reset from the recovery menu cured many strange defects in the past. I recommend to try it.
    A hardware-defect is possible too though. If line-out is not working neither, the possible root cause are very few. It would look like a DAC-chip problem then. If this is the case I guess you have to send it to iBasso to let it being repaired there :frowning2:
  9. guse
    Hello all,
    I fixed it ^^
    I disassemble the DX50 and test the jack connector between the headphone and the solder on the DX50.
    There was no contact on a pin, so, with a little screwdriver, I move the internal connector and It works now.
    Obviously my Shure jack connector is smaller (just a little) than my other headphones. That's why, after a long moment, the contact was not good.
    Thanks :)
  10. cholero
    Great to hear that it is working again. Strange that Lineout showed the same defect.
    Well, if you plan to replace the headphone jack entirely, search for PJ-320D in your favorite chinese store.
  11. guse
    Thanks Cholero for the reference !
    For the lineout, as I tested it with my Shure Headphone ... I get the same result [​IMG]
    For me, what it's strange, it's why my Shure jack is thicker than others ...
  12. karloil
    does anyone know the part number of the buttons used for the Rew/Play,Pause/FF buttons?
    my FF button feels sluggish and i want to change them.
    Plus, anyone from Singapore still looking into this thread? I would just like to confirm where you got your parts? Capacitors, Amps, etc? SLS? Chinatown?
  13. shagrathborgir
    Best and simple way is to contact ibasso! I remember that they wanted to charge me just postal taxes for jack out!they can provide the parts you need with no problem
  14. karloil

    Thanks for this. I'm planning to purchase another device from them - might as well include it in my order
  15. karloil
    scratch this...i just remembered a local site where i can get all these parts.
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