iBasso DX50 Firmware Suggestions

  1. sirloyne
    I'm new to the iBasso line. I normally use Cowon players. I was attracted to the idea of 2TB of storage, the OTG option and a replaceable battery. Mine came with firmware 1.50 installed. I love the sound that comes out of this thing.
    I was reading that they fixed the gapless playback issues, however I hear a slight pause between tracks on all of my live albums and albums where the tracks run together. All of my music is ripped as Level 2 VBR MP3's. I tried a few albums ripped as Flacs and they played fine gaplessly (?). Do other people have gapless playback problems with MP3's? I don't have any problems with gapless playback on my 2 Cowon S9's, my Cowon i9+, my rockboxed Sansa Clip Zip and the 80GB iPod Classic I leave in my car as a CD changer.
    When I'm listening to my iBasso, on the Home screen, above the song title, it says 16/44 (I know what that means and all of my music is 16/44). When I touch it, it turns white, but nothing else. Is it supposed to do more than turn white?
    Does anyone here have contact with iBasso, to make suggestions with future firmwares? Here's a few I've thought of...
    1. The gapless playback desperately needs to be fixed.
    2. Rather than display the 16/44 as Bit and KHz it should display it as the track number, as in track 16 of 44. Not displaying the track number on a music player is madness. Knowing the Bit and KHz is pretty much useless.
    3. If they wanted to, they could take a page from the Cowon S9's book. Touching the album art changes it to the song information... File Type (MP3), Bitrate (205), and KHz (44).
    4. They should add support for ReplayGain. Everybody likes it when their music is the same volume.
    5. Also, like on the Cowon S9, you can wake the screen by touching it. The lock button has 2 options. Lock screen and buttons, or lock screen only.
    6. Reading ID3 tags is hit or miss.
    7. When I turn it on, it's on the song I was last listening to, but when I hit play it has a problem resuming. I've had it finish playing that song, but then stop. I've had it finish that song, but then skip over then next few songs, play a song and then stop after that song. Sometimes it even picks up where it left off and then it plays right.
    I'm under the impression that this is a pretty new product, and realize that there are going to be bugs. I saw that there was a rockbox for this, but I'd rather stay with the stock software. Do they take peoples opinions in to account with new firmware?
  2. Marcosinus
    I agree with you, with some comments :
    1. Gapless : fix is mandatory
    2. Track display : mandatory
    3. Info/album artwork display switch : nice to have
    4. Replay Gain : nice to have
    5. Screen wake-up : why not ?
    6. I have no problems with my tags ...
    7. Turn-on play restart : mandatory
    I would add :
    8. Playlists management : how could be a playlist management so awfull that it is on DX50 ? Playlists are easy to create with SU fw, but the management of playlist on the DAP is a shame.
    You should try SU 1.3.3 ou 1.3.4, sound is different, and depending on what kind of music you are listening to, that could enjoy your ears. As it is very to switch fw, it is worth trying.
  3. cholero
    Are not a problem with rockbox :wink:
  4. cholero
    I also have a serious firmware suggestion which is more kind of a bug report.
    The framebuffer does not fit the LCD! 1 column on the left and one line on the bottom are cut off. But the unused pixel column on the right displays the content of the regular last pixel column repeated when waking up from sleep mode (= display "on"). The content of this last column is frozen until the next waking up.
    The bug can be reproduced with a background image that has a 1px white frame followed by a black frame.
    I don't know if this is unfixable and just the downside of the cheap display or a configuration bug in the kernel.

    I stumbled over this problem when I was trying to solve this bug in the rockbox code and finally had to give up and notice that it is also present with the official firmware.
  5. Paul Davidson
    Official firmware 1.6.0 gapless still isn't fixed properly. Am re-ripping everything to FLAC now to get proper gapless and to appreciate how good the sound quality is.
  6. classicrocker66

    where do I get su 1.3.3 or 1.4 and is it better than dx 50 1.6

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