iBasso DX50/DX90 Wallpaper (320x240) Gallery
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Oct 26, 2012
Hey guys, 

I thought this thread was necessary for all of us iBasso DX50/DX90 owners to share the wallpapers that we made/use for our player.

Please keep the word limit down (If possible), and I suppose it's best if we try to just post the wallpaper(s) (OPTIONAL: With a little title or a few words for a description, etc), and try not to get into any further discussions that may escalate, such as compliments or put downs, where people will tend to reply with a "Thank you", etc. Those compliments can be left in the Thumbs Up Reputation option that Head-Fi has.

All the best, and happy posting! Looking forward to seeing all the wallpapers.

DISCLAIMER: Upon posting your wallpaper(s) in this thread, you are agreeing to allow others to use your wallpaper, and complaining won't be tolerated. 

How To Use Wallpapers on The iBasso DX50/DX90 (Step-by-Step Instructions)
  1. Have an iBasso DX50/DX90.
  2. Have a Micro-USB to USB cable.
  3. Be on firmware v1.27 or above.
  4. Have the desired image/wallpaper of correct size - 320 pixels in width, and 240 pixels in height (320 x 240).
  5. Have the desired image/wallpaper in .png format (If not, this can be easily fixed in programs, such as Photoshop).

  • Boot up iBasso DX50/DX90
  • Connect iBasso DX50/DX90 to the computer/laptop via Micro-USB to USB cable.
  • Select desired image/wallpaper of correct size (320 x 240) and format (.png).
  • Rename the desired image/wallpaper file to "Wallpaper.png" (NOTE: For Windows 8 users, zzzzero had discovered that it is not necessary to add the ".png" to the end of the"wallpaper" title.)
  • Copy/Cut and paste the desired image/wallpaper file into the ROOT directory of the DX50/DX90. (For those who don't know what this is, it is the DX50/DX90 itself, NOT the Micro SD card, SD card adapter or OTG USB/hard-drive)
  • (Safety) Disconnect iBasso DX50/DX90 from computer/laptop.
If you have completed the above steps, then you should have your desired image/wallpaper successfully installed onto your iBasso DX50/DX90 player.

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Here you go. Thanks skybleu

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Some wood motifs




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