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iBasso DX200 Firmware Modification Project

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by windowsx, Jan 31, 2017.
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  1. prnrm
    Little problem site this rom : impossible to make the application QoBuz or BubbleUPNP Work fine...
  2. wirefriend
    Any reason not to bump up the version number?
    Now I have two 2.0.78-WindowsX binaries and it is difficult to say which is which....
  3. WindowsX
    Thank you, I'm glad to know people like my optimizations. It's done in even more intensive than most highend Linux based CAS optimizations in market too. :)
    And I hope they'll never return. I've been spending all night long supporting about ROM mods too.
    I sent you file now. I hope you'll like it.
    You need to flash stock OTA 2.0.78 to fix this bug first first since current ROM will flash only repacked system image. Some confirmed about this fix before in pages back too.
    I sent you another ROM now. Please flash stock OTA 2.0.78 ones from iBasso first and then flash mine later.

    Could you elaborate about this issue with those apps?
  4. WindowsX
    You can flash stock OTA 2.0.78, download current ones in first page and flash it again to make sure it's the latest. I'll consider version in future. Probably something like b51.
  5. chungjun
    I'm trying to flash to V2.0.78beta (iBasso official)... and then Fidelizer mod-ROM v2.0.78
    Can it be done via Factory Tool (v1.39).? In other words, do I have to flash using Factory Tool first to previous version v1.3.6 then use system update (via SD card on DX200) to update to v2.0.78beta?
    What I've done so far...
    1. Downloaded v2.0.78beta
    2. Unzip (and see a ...ota.zip file and ReadMe file)
    3. Unzip ...ota.zip furhter (to see boot.img file)
    I tried to load the boot.img file (under step 12, "Add Firmware")
    But I'm getting error... "Error: Loading Firmware Failed"...
    Any help appreciated...
  6. all999

    Skip number 3, you just need ...ota.zip.
  7. chungjun
    Sorry... you mean, load ...ota.zip file to the Factory Tool?
    I tried that... same error "Error: Loading Firmware Failed"
  8. tkteo
    no, all999 means you use the upgrade method within settings about section of DX200. DX200 should be in Android mode
  9. prnrm
    Originally Posted by prnrm View Post

    Little problem site this rom : impossible to make the application QoBuz or BubbleUPNP Work fine...

    Could you elaborate about this issue with those apps?

    For this 2 app, when i start the music, it's freezing the interface and few second later, the app is stopping. After, impossible to have sound in mongo
  10. WindowsX
    1. Extract official firmware from ibasso to DX200 storage
    2. Go to settings > About DX200 > System Update and apply that ROM
    3. When it's done, apply mine
    Maybe you can try reflashing stock OTA ROM first and then flash mine again in case you have bugged boot/kernel.
  11. chungjun
    Hmm... what happens (background story) is that I applied Fidelizer-mod (directly from official v1.3.6, without first going through official v2.0). Now, I'm having 'reverse' buttons issue.
    I am trying to flash back to iBasso official v2.0 at this moment and I get that error.
    I tried going to Settings > About DX200 > System Update (to flash back to official ROM) but system doesn't allow me to select ROM to load.
    After "Local Update" > sdcard > [Blank Screen] is all I see... no options to select official ROM.
    Same for "Local Update" > default > [Blank Screen] is all I see...
  12. prnrm
    I did it, no change... still bugging only with this app...
  13. chungjun
    What I did to have a 'clean' flash of the ROM...
    For image file that works... the link is below:-
    (retrieved this from ibasso FB page. The 'Download' page does not (as at time and date of my post here) have this "DX200-1.3.60-update-img-20170121.zip")
    1. Unzip and you'll get "update.img" (for v1.3.60)
    2. Flash using Factory Tool (official) - refer to DX200 Batch Tool Instructions.
    3. Update to iBasso Official (v2.0) [follow instructions stated in ReadMe file]
    4. Flash to Fidelizer Mod ROM (*I haven't move to this step yet at the moment)
  14. WindowsX
    BubbleuPNP worked fine for me with OpenHome/uPNP devices. I don't have Tidal/Qobuz to test with yet. Maybe you can consider mConnect as an alternative.
    You should be able to flash stock OTA ROM from iBasso using System Update. Just make sure to extract ROM file, put on root of DX200 or micro sd storage, and flash from system update using correct drive. Using older factory image works too though I'm not sure if DX200 firmware 2.0 will introduce anything new in kernel and boot image.
    By the way, someone sent me $50 for DX200 ROM-1. I don't know who thought. Is this for donation since it's not the amount of what I do for general advanced ROM mods?
  15. WindowsX
    I'd like to remind our customers who purchased the ROM that I'll send true Purist ROM version to you by default. If you want some changes like improving compatibility, keep EQ/Gapless, or improve battery life, please let me know so I can send appropriate version.
    Using true Purist should bring you the best sound quality, enough for gapless lovers to sacrifice such feature for better sound quality. I'm glad to hear that my advanced ROM can help some customers changing their minds from selling DX200. :)
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