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iBasso DX160 - The listening experience only gets better and better. Check for latest Online Update.

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by Paul - iBasso, Aug 3, 2019.
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  1. Whitigir
    ways better IMO
    Hmm, thank you and sorry at the same time but i dont really find this answer informative enough. Its really hard for me to believe that dx160 is "way" better while 300r is on the same SQ level as ak240 and having bigger soundstage than sr15 (personaly checked). So i guess it could be a bit better in some regards but would like to know more precisely in which areas and how much better it is. I was a very happy owner of dx80 and gave it away to my friend as a present after purchasing 300r (which is noticeable better in every aspect except dynamics and power output). I know iBasso and i trust them. Its a great company which puts fantastic value in their products for considerably low money so I complitely understand the excitement in this thread. BUT would be really thankful for receiving more precise answer if possible, because I dont believe in "way better" statements in DAP world anymore.
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  3. mwhals
    I understand the dx160 has a neutral analytical tonality. That was posted in this thread.
    Last edited: Oct 15, 2019
  4. Whitigir
    I am sorry that I can not elaborate it into a more detailed comparison. I think your bet best is to ask from @twister6 as he has many DAPs to compare to

    IMO, I cant see any reason why anyone would dislike and regret buying dx160. As a whole package, it is just hard to believe something like this is only $399
  5. siruspan
    I've owned briefly Pioneer xdp-100r and it had great technical abilities and big soundstage but it was literally least musical dap that I've ever heard. It was extremely flat, dry and boring. Unfortunately I don't know if xdp-300r is better or different.
  6. twister6 Contributor
    I agree, heard 100R awhile back and it had very poor (flat) dynamics and overall sound was congested. Can't speak for 300R, but don't recall any reviews praising it as a big improvement over 100R.

    @RIGATIO I have somewhere in the box ak120ii which sounds identical to ak240, just need to find where and charge it up since I haven't used it in years... But as I mentioned before, Dx160 sounds on a level of Dx220 and in a blind a/b comparison under the same test conditions I wasn't able to pick the correct DAP every time.
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  7. mwhals
    The DX160 is a great buy at $400. I was thinking about the LPGT, but this is a minimal risk financially.
  8. Kal El
    I'm looking for the best balanced adapter (4.4mm male / 2.5mm female) to use on my DX160. I bought the IT01S but they have 2.5mm balanced cable and just one adapter to 3.5mm SE. Surfing the web I found 3 models but I wait for your opinions because I'm quite noob.

    - iBasso CA02: this is an adapter without cable. I'm afraid it could make the combo too long and awkward (40 EUR purchasing from Italy);
    - Fiio BL44: It is the cheapest one, but what about the quality? Does it compromise the sound quality chain? (17 EUR on Amazon Italy);
    - Musashino Label: the nicest of the three, and seems to be the comfiest one, but highest price; ( price ?? I found one in Japan for 72 EUR and one on Amazon US for 180 USD)

    An alternative could be to change the entire cable, but I don't know how if a cheap cable will be a downgrade ( I really don't know what quality is the IT01S cable). By the way, I found these three interesting:

    - Fiio LC-4.4b (40 EUR)
    - Fiio LC-4.4c (75 EUR)
    - Fiio LC-4.4d (110 EUR)

    I don't really know what to do to get the best combination.

    Suggestions are welcome! Many Thanks!
  9. Shawnb
    I have the FiiO BL44 and haven’t noticed any decrease in sound quality. I also have the CA02 on order as well.
    For reference my IEM’s have a custom silver/copper cable
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  10. brugis
    Any European have a dx160? From witch store?
  11. Kal El
    Thank you @Shawnb, the only thing that worries me is the lenght of the CA02, because it could result very uncomfortable in the pocket, but I'd really like to get the whole iBasso combo.
  12. Kal El
    I've ordered it from amp3 (UK website), but you can find it also from headphoniaks (Spanish website). They both ship all over the Europe.
  13. brugis
    yeah, but they both show out of stock, so i kind a wondering...
  14. Kal El
    Yes, they are preorders (available soon btw).
  15. brugis
    i think i will go with blue one... we have too much black devicies on our lives...
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