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iBasso DX160 - The listening experience only gets better and better. Check for latest Online Update.

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by Paul - iBasso, Aug 3, 2019.
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  1. hoth
    I guess I’m going to try to go through the process of exchanging mine for another and hope that the BT issue has to do with hardware and that only some DX160’s are affected as it looks software fix won’t be coming soon if at all. I hope I don’t trade a BT issue for a BT and WiFi issue.
  2. abitdeef
    This is what I was worrying about. The wifi issue for me would be a big deal.
  3. djn04
    I’m also having WiFi issues. I’m able to connect to my 2.4GHz WiFi network but the range is terrible. If I get more than 10 or 15 away from the router the dx160 drops the connection. I’m using a netgear router with dd-wrt firmware. Are there any recommended router settings I should know about?

    Also my 5GHz WiFi network doesn’t show on the list of networks. Other 5GHz networks are listed but not mine. Are there certain channels I should be using? Some other settings?

    All my other devices have no problem connecting to the network.

    I can also here the scratching/ticking sound with my Andromeda Golds and Shouer Tapes.
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  4. zeguym
    @Paul - iBasso how about wifi noise issue? I don't see you mention it in this quote? Because this wifi noise issue is more important than BT issues. Is this dap is not for those with sensitive iem too? Why not add this "feature" to specifications "not for sensitive iem"?

    Btw for BT, i find something. I use 2 phone with always on BT (although it's not connected with any device). If i place dx160 near those phone, BT constantly dropping connection. But if i place it's far from dx160, it's get better. Although sometime it's dropping connection, but not like when it's near those phone. Also if i try put the phone on top dx160, BT connection instantly dropped.

    Edited : forgot to mention, one of my phone is connected to smartwatch
    Last edited: Nov 17, 2019
  5. ExpatinJapan
    I did ponder whether to reply.

    i understand that some users are experiencing difficulties and are upset and frustrated.

    I am not the company and deferred to the company to make an official update (along with their other posts).

    Truth be told, most reviewers who get repeat companies do not just simply write/record a review or semi promotional piece and disappear. Many (not all) continue to try to help to improve the daps or earphones through ongoing feedback as more might be discovered over time.

    The earliest devices are released locally. Then the reviewers get them.
    Some of the older long term reviewers usually also whilst testing send back feedback to the companies to try to iron out any problems before wide release. Any continuing problems are and should be included in the eventual review (if detected).

    In my opinion it should not stop with the review and feedback to the company should be ongoing which is why many reviewers are allowed to retain the devices, Because they take time to test and give feedback when needed.
    Plus especially for earphones it is open box and unhygienic to resell anyway).

    i myself have been looking at the wifi mostly and i am aware other reviewers have been doing their own testing (of wifi, BT etc) and sending feedback to the company.
    Deferring to their engineering expertise of course but adding more information to the pot.

    This morning i finally had time to test tethering and more wifi out in the wild (my wife returned from overseas/work and i got a rest from 24/7 child care).

    People are genuinely trying to help as always in this community.




    I connect to home and Starbucks. There was a ticking sound. But disappeared when i disconnected and connected again.


    I tried using my iphone se as a tethering point and had no issues.

    range was 13-15 feet by my foot size (i walked it out).

    I just used youtube for convenience (from
    Iphone se to dx160). (and so others could do the same experiment).

    8790C2AE-A701-4791-99DE-4848CEB9784B.jpeg D5FE5EF5-CDA3-4F17-BB7C-81CA4E27EDC8.jpeg A1A2B993-234A-4170-8401-C552AF3C855A.jpeg

    There have been other tests of course but users often do mot want to hear about them (especially if it does not show a fault) whilst their device is not working. Therefore they are sent to the company.

    Hoping for a speedy resolution for all.

    *Using Campfire Audio Andromeda MW10
    Last edited: Nov 17, 2019
  6. pepitomanaloto
    I don’t care about BT and won’t ever cry over BT. But knowing there is noise over WIFI bothers me.
  7. firesign
    worst of all is that the wifi noise is not only with sensitive IEMs. In one of the last posts a user says that he has the problem of Wi-Fi noise with the Shuoer Tape, and that is not a particularly sensitive IEM.
  8. superuser1
    Yes i was very surprised with that post as well!
  9. djn04
    I should mention I've only had the dx160 for a few days and had very little time with it. I've only heard the scratching/ticking once with the Tapes. It's very faint on both the Andros and the Tapes, and I don't think I've heard it while music is playing.

    Also I had some improvement with my wifi network. I changes the wireless channel to auto and the channel width to HT40 and my 5GHz network is now showing and both 2.4GHz and 5GHz networks seem to have a stronger signal. It's still much much less than my other devices but it's an improvement.
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  10. Paul - iBasso
    For WiFi please try other channels. Some have reported good success with this and some have not. We are currently investigating the WiFi and BT. I mentioned earlier. We have also gotten back a few DX160s that our distributors did not test first to see if there was an issue, before sending back, and there was no issue once received and tested so we continue to investigate. It appears to be some sort of interference with some units and we are working with both the manufacture of the antenna and the chip producer to try and find out why some would have this problem.
    iBasso Stay updated on iBasso at their sponsor page on Head-Fi.
  11. hoth
    Paul, We really appreciate the update. I can tell you, this morning the music playing over Bluetooth was glitching when my iphone sent an update to my apple watch. As mentioned previously, the Bluetooth connection is much worse when outside than inside. I think we are comfortable deducing that this is an interference problem. Based on the iphone causing glitching, it does not appear that the issue is with exotic frequencies but with normal everyday frequencies. This is backed up by the fact that so many people are showing this issue. I am therefore surprised that you guys cannot replicate the problem. I bet if you were to request any of our DX160's and put it next to an iphone you would see the issue.
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  12. abitdeef
  13. andani10
    Hello to all,

    + 1 (me) for the wifi noise issue.. I'm using Ultimate Ears UE Reverence Remastered.

    Another question: is there a maximum number of song files with the dx160? I'm planning to buy a 1tb micro sd card and do a trial project, filling it with approx. 80000 songs (6200 CDs) (mp3 320kbps)
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  14. abitdeef
    I'm thinking about doing a teardown and putting some shielding in. Just for fun.
  15. wizzman121
    I bought a 512GB card and put about 12,000 FLAC files on it. Mango won't complete the scan of the card. It just continues to say "Scanning" at 0% progress. Every other music player app I tried (UAPP, Hiby, Fiio, Neutron) scanned the card just fine.
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