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iBasso DX160 - The listening experience only gets better and better. Check for latest Online Update. Unboxing 1st Page.

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by Paul - iBasso, Aug 3, 2019.
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  1. superuser1
    You are right... in 15 years and about 180000 pulls and inserts, the socket may need changing.
    Hello, great thanks to all of you for your feedback. @Whitigir I saw your posts in the Onkyo dp-x1 thread and read them all:) @twister6 thank you very much for your willingness of testing the ak120II. @mwhals will definitely consider:) 300R is nothing magical from SE, actually maybe just a bit better than 100R and I agree, its kinda flat and lacking dynamics (still nice soundstage and v good detail tho). The story changes from BAL in ACG mode which improves the sound noticeably- its a different dap, sounds life-like. Thats why was asking if anyone here tested it or Onkyo dp-x1 recently. I am very tempted to get dx160 but there is no possibillity for me to test it here in Germany. At last will order from Amazon when available and give back if will not be a definite step up from my 300r. Have a nice day all.
    Last edited: Oct 16, 2019
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  3. TheNameIsGerald
    @Tential , in your opinion, what DAP running Android uses a recent SoC?
  4. mwhals
    Cayin N6ii is one of them as is Shantling M6.
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  5. deniska80
    Cayin n6-2, Hiby r6/r6 pro, Hiby r5, shanling m6, fiio m11/m11 pro, incoming hiby 8
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  6. TheNameIsGerald
    A&K SP2000 ? Cayin N8 ?
    Last edited: Oct 16, 2019
  7. Kal El
    Maybe I could be wrong, I'm not a pro audiophile, I don't see the problem about SoC, I think that most important thing is the sound and iBasso is a trusted company. When DAP's interface runs smoothly and the sound is great is enough to me.
  8. cleg
    My video review of DX160

  9. jamato8 Contributor
    I would totally agree and on the DX160, the sound is superb and the speed, which I care less about, is extremely fast as well.
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  10. TheNameIsGerald
    fair enough - i was just interested in what DAP's SoC doesn't raise objections, given that the DX160's does (with those who care about these things)
  11. superuser1
  12. ddmt
    There's a difference between slow and painfully slow. One of them is perfectly usable and acceptable. DX220/160 is in that category.
    I've tried SP2K, Kann Cube, N6 II, R6 Pro so I do know a little I'm talking about :)
    Last edited: Oct 16, 2019
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  13. dharmasteve
    There is a video of the user experience on this thread. The DX160 seems far from slow. By next week I will have the DX160 and will talk from experience. If there are complaints about the user experience I do hope they're from the actual experience of users, and not just words from numbers men.
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  14. Layman1
    I have the DX160 now. And I can officially confirm that it is gorgeous :p
    20191007_150325.jpg 20191007_150611.jpg
    So far, it seems like a ridiculously good and complete DAP at a highly competitive price point.

    Full review to follow by next week hopefully, but I'm seriously impressed so far.
    I cannot speak to the SoC factor. I guess with such things, the skill with which it is implemented is also a factor.
    Suffice to say, I am not experiencing any lag, only a fast and responsive UI.

    Not sure what else to say. Speculation is fun and all, but I'm confident that pretty much anyone who tries one of these for themselves over the next few months is not going to find anything to fault regarding its speed or responsiveness :)
  15. Whitigir
    The Line-Out on the Dx160 is quiet capable. Superbly detailed, great dynamic, super low noises and 0 distortions, just like any high quality Line-Out source should be. The unmistakeable spherical and enveloping soundstage is quiet satisfying. Once again, I stick to my statement about dx160 “it doesn’t sound like $399!”

    with a good amplifier, Dx160-LO can really perform. It demonstrates the ability to render some of that warmth , fun, musical timbres in a more satisfying way, with some analog quality in its signature.

    the Dx160 as a whole package is too good for it price.

    *the LO can be selected on the dropped down menu*, it is also a variable lineout

    Also, I love compact design on the adapter....but I have a thing or 2 about Ribbon cables.....I rather has a dongles that have high quality wires instead lol

    but actually, I prefer a whole cables by itself !
    Last edited: Oct 16, 2019
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