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iBasso DX160 - The listening experience only gets better and better. Check for latest Online Update. Unboxing 1st Page.

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by Paul - iBasso, Aug 3, 2019.
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  1. CrystalGipsy
    My unit has just been sent back for WiFi and over heating. I would not trust the signal strength meter to judge anything . Test it's speed either with iperf or speed test. This will give an indication of if it's a duff. I was getting 10x less speeds on it compared to any other device. Even directy underneath the access point it was not as fast as my phone in another room on the same network and frequency.

    I do think this is a generic flaw in this models WiFi antenna and perhaps chipset.
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  2. Lost Cosmonaut
    Because I suspect it isn't a true line out, although Paul said it is, .. But, from my understanding, a true line-out would have it's own dedicated connector to bypass the amp section... like you'd find in iBasso's DX90, DX80, and the DX120 (which actually has 3 separate connectors--Line Out, 3.5mm, and 2.5 mm balanced). A true line-out would not share a connector with a headphone-out.
    Last edited: Dec 5, 2019
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  3. dedero
    Thanks for the hint!

    I just tried with speedtest only and very next to the router I'm getting Download: 35.7mbps / Upload: 9.09mbps / Ping: 9ms (same speed as my pc and smartphones)

    At 5 meters (16 feet) away from the router I'm getting: Download 10.9mbps / Upload: 9.03mbps / Ping: 14ms

    It seems there's some flaws with the wifi as you mention
  4. Arghavan
    well It's not new to iBasso players. My DX150 has the same issue, not to the same extent though.
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  5. CrystalGipsy
    I decided to get a full refund. This is not going to work for me and I have no faith in the WiFi improving in another. I think I'll just stick with my phone and DAC, I have a cobalt and red so will look to swap out the Black for either of those .
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  6. davidmolliere
    Strange, on the contrary WiFi is working great for me but I have two Google WiFi set up at 5Ghz flawless connection and speed
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  7. dedero
    Interesting.. do you have an idea how far in average are you from the router to the DX160?
  8. davidmolliere
    My apartment is not big and Google WiFi is powerful so never farther than 3 meters with 2/3 walls since I have two relay point
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  9. Cat Music
    I see that you have the N6ii, and I know that the comparisons are odious, I will not ask you which one is better, but I would like to know ... which one do you prefer? N6ii or DX160 (about sound quality)? I know you will tell me N6ii, I just wanted to know that if the difference fits the price between the two, thanks
  10. CrystalGipsy
    I have flawless WiFi using Unifi Access points, doesn't stop this from being awful. The quality control is obviously suspect. My WiFi is super fast for everything except DX160.
  11. davidmolliere
    Don’t presuppose my answer :wink:

    I think the DX160 punches well above its price point... in fact I like it just as much as my former DX220 either with AMP8 and 9 which I didn’t expect. DX160 has a very engaging and smooth tuning, actually packs more punch than the A01 card for the N6ii. T01 is a different beast, fantastic dynamic, separation and accurate tone. Technically, DX220 is better than DX160 but not by that much. Again DX160 tuning is quite a lot of fun with strong foundations. It reminds me of my audition of the Cowon Plenue L no less, although resolution is not on par, as well as micro dynamics and layering but still, it’s the same addictive tuning « family ».

    Actually the DX160 wifi performance is better than the N6ii, go figure be it signal or DL speed.
    It’s also lighter and with a fantastic screen with is quite nice.
  12. antdroid
    Easecase Leather case....

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  13. Cat Music
    the dx160 surprises me more and more ... I don't really use Wi-Fi or bluetooh, I only care about the sound, I think I am increasingly inclined to the dx160 :dt880smile:
  14. antdroid
    I just ran a speed test on wifi on my dx160 and my phone.
    The dl/ul were:

    DX160 23/40
    S10e 50/103
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  15. davidmolliere
    Obviously a high end smartphone will be faster... my iPhone XS Max is faster and it should
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