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iBasso DX150. Dual dacs and interchangeable AMPs. **NEW Firmware that supports AMP9! ** The music adventure continues.

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by Paul - iBasso, Mar 9, 2018.
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  1. Zeo-Gold92
    I thought about that as an idea but it leaves out the possibility for balanced.
  2. madmanmatt
    i have a question. im running lurker and using uapp for streaming tidal. now uapp says it will run on its hi res audio driver, but i also have usb audio as well. now when i run usb audio with uapp it shows usb dac. when i run uapp without usb audio it says direct. what's the difference here, is there any. i would prefer the best audio i can get but usb audio doesn't always play nice, ie, its glitchy. any thoughts or help for me.
  3. buonassi
    What was it he liked about it and what IEMs was he using at the time? It may be better to start with the IEMs he likes and work backward from that to try and approximate the tonal and textural balance for his DAP purchase. Also, a price range would be helpful for recs. Shanling, Fiio, Hiby, Hidizs (sp.?) may have a DAP that can fit the bill....
  4. javre76
    What about the DX120? It has really good reviews.
  5. Zeo-Gold92
    He borrowed my it01 iems but also will be picking up some audio technica m40x. the music he listens to is a lot of classic rock and pop, some hip hop and rap, metal and thrash. As for budget, he wants to stay around the $250AUD mark. Daps have a bit of a mark up here in Australia.

    unsure about the availability here and if it would stay within the budget range if imported.
  6. KWWJ
    Hi guys, I am pretty new to the DX150s and I just got mine with the AMP7 module. Was testing it out with some IEMs and I realized that it was lacking a little power (relative to what I expected) - on high gain i am listening at 80 for various IEMs such as VE Monks, Sony IER-M7, Campfire Polaris. I also tried it with HD650s and I had to go to 130-140/150 on high gain to get it to sufficient loudness and power.

    Is this normal? I have heard people driving certain planars with the amp and this just seems on the weaker side to me. Thanks in advance for all the answers!
  7. equalspeace
    I found the same as the above with Amp 8 - not enough juice to drive power hungry headphones like my HD650 or HE500, whilst also exhibiting v noticeable hiss with my sensitive Oriolus MK2. Happily went back to Amp 6. The ZX300, though it's def not up to the level of my Asgard, does a half decent job driving the HD650. I can actually have a solid listening sesh with that combo. I couldn't stand the 650 with the dx150/Amp 8.
  8. Zeo-Gold92
    i Was actually thinking about planars recently. Wanted to start off small at first, maybe with the Hifiman HE400i or something comparable in the price range.I wanted to know what would be a good amp to pair with it that would give as clean listening as possible. Dont wanna be lacking anywhere, especially bass, since I've heard some amps dont give enough kick or whatnot? I don't have a huge budget, somewhere around $150AUD mark if possible. If it matters I'm still using the stock module on the DX150 and a pair of it01 iems. It doesn't need to be a portable amp, so I'm open to either.
  9. madmanmatt
    I just went through this wanting some planars to try. I'm using the dx150 and ordered a he400i and I think they pair very well together. I got the 400i open box from hifiman for like 120. For that price there hard to beat. I run with no eq and the pair sound great to me. I would say bass is good, they seem very nuetral with a touch of warm from amp6, and if you eq them you good probably get some decent thump out of them. If you order through hifiman you also have 30 days to try.
    Last edited: Aug 19, 2019
  10. madmanmatt
    for those of you with the amp9. what are your thoughts on it. ive been toying with the ideas of a tube amp for my 400i's.
  11. Dobrescu George
    Only if you don't listen loud, AMP9 doesn't have that much power and for me, it was a bit quiet with Sundara.
  12. madmanmatt
    Thanks for the heads up. For 250 there a lot out there tube wise to look at. I would just like try a little Tubey sound with these.
  13. gr8soundz
    Amp9 sounds amazing imo but if you're expecting it to drive anything less than 100dB efficient phones you'll be disappointed.

    Don't have the 400i but the Oppo PM3 are the least power hungry planars I know of and my DX159 frequently struggles to drive them.
  14. madmanmatt
    Nice to know. It's a shame the amp is wesk. I'll probably troll the used amp section here and keep looking.
  15. yannis
    Hi all :)

    Any way to install Mango player from DX220 to Android 6.1 DX150FirmwareV2.11.293-L0 ?
    Mango OS is great. But also would like to enjoy Mango player while in Android mode.
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