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iBasso DX150. Dual dacs and interchangeable AMPs. **NEW Firmware that supports AMP9! ** New FIRMWARE 1.05 Dec 30.

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by Paul - iBasso, Mar 9, 2018.
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  1. javre76
    Guys, how long should be the process of updating? I have been in the DX150 screen for a while.
    Last edited: May 13, 2019
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  2. jamato8 Contributor
    Ten minutes or less. If it is stuck, I would do it again.
  3. javre76
    Nothing, it is bricked right now.
  4. jamato8 Contributor
    Hold down the power and play button for at least 10 seconds.

    If that doesn't work then use the Android Tool from the iBasso website with a .img firmware. I would use the beta 8.1 as it has the Android Tool and the .img firmware in the download.
  5. javre76
    Tried that. It fails downloading the FW to the device. I tried 4 times, right now I am using the Factory Tool v1.39, I see the Android circle and "erasing" for 2 seconds and then goes into the DX150 screen... and stays there. I am going to wait for a while, maybe I am rushing?
  6. jamato8 Contributor
    Could be. You have to let it finish the update. If you are using the Batch Tool and a .img file for the DX150 but are having problems, you can also try a different USB C cable.
  7. javre76
    Gentlemen, many thanks, in fact, I am installing Fidelizer and it seems like is going fine. I was in 6.1 but now that we have double boot, I am all in. Fingers crossed is going through, Fidelizer is currently downloading in the device.
    EDIT: Well, no dual boot that I can see.
    Last edited: May 13, 2019
  8. javre76
    People, do not do it, not ready. Currently, I cannot play high resolution files. Now I need to figure out how to go back to 6.1
  9. WindowsX
    Have you tried factory reset? There's two MangoPlayer including original one for you that should work like before. I recommend you to flash official 1.0.3 Ota before Purist too.
  10. javre76
    All this mess drove me to try 8.1... better sound ah? Maybe is a keeper? I am going to miss the Mango only partition tho.
  11. mBcHc
    Is there a way to get Google services to work on oreo? After flashing the purist rom, loving the sound and new ui, but i kinda want to have YouTube in my player tho.
  12. skingg
    Anyone has the dap freezing/crashing when trying to play Youtube on full screen?
  13. pcyco
    this also happens if you try to play any video in landscape format. :frowning2:
    would be nice if there is any solution or workaround.
    Last edited: May 15, 2019
    skingg likes this.
  14. mBcHc
    guys... I think I have completely bricked the device, now it couldn't boot into OS, able to turn on but you can only see the screen is "on" but nothing is showing or displaying.
    @Paul - iBasso
    any idea how can I get out of this? :frowning2:power button with play/pause button couldn't get me to the bootloader screen

    update: never mind, now it couldn't even turn on....

    update 2: after a whole night of charging... Turning the device on is still a no go... Ah the pain of not having me dx150 is unbearable
    Last edited: May 15, 2019
  15. cathee
    I know @Lurker0 probably off making optimized firmwares for the DX220 right now but can anyone share experience/comment on v2.11.293 stability on the DX150? I'm still on v2.10.xxx (early) but have recently been experiencing some problems with streaming services (I assume it's just getting old).
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