iBasso DX150. Dual dacs and interchangeable AMPs. **Firmware 2.11.293 Sept. 1 ** The music adventure continues.

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by Paul - iBasso, Mar 9, 2018.
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  1. BlueWindNoise
    I've got the DX150 with the latest firmware....just need that IT04. Your feedback on it to date has really got me wanting them @jamato8! Soon, I know. :)
  2. RojasTKD
    Can anyone give an impression how the DX150 compare with the iFi iDSD Micro Black Lable?
  3. Sound Eq
    i am not sure if dx150 has been compared to fiio x5iii, sorry to ask again

    if has been please share where i can read bout that comparison
  4. BonzerKeith
    I know this is the thread for the DX150, but anyone waiting for news about the release of the DX120 I have the latest information. iBasso has advised me that the DX120 will be released in two months time.
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  5. se7en7
    Could you pm me with information on dx120 please
    Wow I dont really get such a statement.. When dx80 came out, after many many positive reviews, i purchased this device. Almost in every review dx80 was a winner over dx90- better soundstage, instrument separation, more organic sound. I had a chance to try dx90 and dx80 was better (by a really small margin, but better). There are so many pages of positive reactions and opinions about dx80 on head-fi. So im wondering how much opinions about one dap can differ? I was really happy owner of dx80 for over 1,5 year. Now I got pioneer xdp-300r for great money and im really happy with the sq. It's a definite step up (great soundstage- wide, and deep, fantastic organised, clarity etc.) but dx80 is still good- more meaty in the sound, more dynamic. I will never ever take under consideration so extreme opinions, like "this dap is the worst or that is the best". DX80 was even bit better in sq than Fiio x5III. Guys plz just give me a brake. If anyone wants to buy a dap- find an occasion to listen to as many as possible.
  7. Lurker0
    If you click the link in your quote and carefully read what "USB Audio application" is all about, you'll find out that it has nothing related to USB DAC functionality of DX150.
  8. seanwee
    I never got to give the DX80 a listen but it didn't leave as good an impression as the DX90. I'll say that back then I did not do any volume matching nor did I A/B the DX80 and DX90.

    The store I went to back then only had very limited choices. Not like the stores I go to now. Lots more to try now :wink:


    Im not sure aboupt the DX80 vs X5iii but I can say that it is not my first choice in its price range in terms of sound.
  9. BonzerKeith
    My post may have been ambiguous. The only information I have on the DX120 is that iBasso will release it in 2 months. Perhaps Paul @ibasso can enlighten us on the specification.
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  10. seanwee
    I've not done a proper comparison but to me, the Dx150 is simply in another tier when it comes to sound.
  11. Sound Eq
    thanks but still i am surprised why no detailed comparisons between dx150 and fiio x5iii unless there is one
  12. Meelis
    Is there too much slowdown with album art 5000 x 5000 pixels in flac?
  13. dsrk
    It's obviously too much for a display with resolution of 1280x768.
  14. crabdog
    Can anyone give a quick comparison with ZX300?
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  15. seanwee
    I'll try to remember to do one the next time I go to the store.
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