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iBasso DX150. Dual dacs and interchangeable AMPs. **Android "O" 8.1 now available for download! ** The music adventure continues.

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by Paul - iBasso, Mar 9, 2018.
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  1. jeffhawke
    Is that all? Makes the DX150 look like a major bargain against the DX200
  2. chaiyuta
    Look forward to seeing CPU specs and further info. Though it is unfortunate that DX150 doesn't utilize the newer AK4493 DAC chip.
    Last edited: Mar 11, 2018
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  3. Mython Contributor
    The DX150 looks nice, but I must admit I'm disappointed we never saw an international release of the simpler DX120


  4. burningv
    Being a DAP manufacturer is complicated.

    Last edited: Mar 11, 2018
  5. Dobrescu George
  6. icefalkon
    Morning guys...or good night..depending on where you are...

    I was lucky enough to spend a week with the DX150 before the NYC Can Jam this year. I burned it in for about 100 hours. While 100 hours isn't enough for the DAP to show it's full potential, I can say off the bat that it has a sound signature all it's own. It is very similar to the original king of DAP's...the DX100. After the DX100 was retired a lot of people, myself included, wondered how come iBasso changed their "house sound" with the DX50, then DX90, then DX80...?

    The DX200 took the DX100's sound to a whole new level, but the DX100 was still missed. This DAP has a sound that is reminiscent of the DX100, it has an open sound stage, definitely full bodied, to my ears it's a rock/classical/pop listeners DAP. Now don't get me wrong, this...in no way is the equal to the DX200. Don't kid yourself. This is a mid level DAP with great components but it's not the "flagship". So use your head when "comparing" the two. If the DX80 is Earth and the DX200 is Jupiter, then the DX150 is Uranus...if that makes sense to any other geeks like myself out there. For those who don't get it...look it up...lol.

    For the money, you can't beat this thing with a stick. Seriously. @jamato8 and I put this thing through the wringer and we loved it. I particularly love that the volume wheel doesn't have the protection bar over it like the DX200. The size is the same, the feel is slightly, and I mean slightly, lighter than the DX200, and as you've heard, the AMP modules are interchangeable with the DX200's. For those of us with the DX200...this is a home run. At the time of CanJam (Feb 2018) the UI was still being worked on to get the bugs out but it was essentially identical to the DX200 pretty much. @jamato8 sent the DX150 back to iBasso after the CanJam and I can't wait to get my hands on one again. Living in NYC, taking the DX200 on the train back and forth to work is worrisome...but this is perfect for commuting!

    Oh, yes it's Android based, yes there is Mango, no it's not like the DX80, there is only one SD card slot, it's comfortable in the hand, sounds really great, and has the same build quality of the DX200.

    Hope that's shed some light on the DX150...
  7. wolfen68 Contributor
    Wow, I'm behind on the news. Thanks for the initial impressions! Here's to hoping for a worthy successor to the DX100 and now DX80.
  8. AndrewH13
    Hi Ice. Thanks for thoughts, is that with amp6? Would it be closer to DX200, detail-wise with Amp1?
  9. davidcotton
    Nice write up!

    Two things if I may?

    1) how is the battery life on it?

    2) When you say android based, does it (or will it) have google play store access? Or does sideloading work?

  10. icefalkon

    EDIT: I received the unit for the NYC CanJam with an AMP6 that was in an AMP1 casing. So disregard this, my impressions of the sound are based on the DX150 with the new AMP6 module.


    Hey Andrew! Well the unit we got for the NYC CanJam came with AMP1...and that was what sounded like the DX100. I don't know what the AMP6 is going to sound like but I can't wait to hear it. If I were to sum up the DX150 in one word it would be fun.
    Last edited: Mar 20, 2018
    AndrewH13 likes this.
  11. icefalkon
    Thanks David!

    OK the battery lasted a long time, that's for sure. I would say that the 10hrs is accurate. Now onto the Android part, no it doesn't come with Google Play Store, but I'm sure Lurker will do some magic and make that happen. He's an amazing coder and his work on the DX200 and other models is well documented. Side loading is possible yes.
    davidcotton likes this.
  12. blue212
    Oh - I’m super excited about this device.

    Now what do I do... wait for it or go w N5ii now.

    Most of my listening now is through streaming services so being able to stream and definitely be able to store offline will be a must.
  13. Mython Contributor
    Size and weight may also be a consideration for some people.
  14. jeffhawke
    Hmmm... tough one. I would wait until this one is released, read a few user (real users) reviews, see if with the latest firmware to be released shortly the N5ii sorts out its issues, and then... toss a coin!
  15. icefalkon
    LOL what is that supposed to mean dude? Are you trying to insinuate that I'm not a "real user" or some BS like that?
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