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iBasso DX120 pure DAP player. Balanced, single ended, line out and 2 micro SD slots.

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  1. Paul - iBasso
    The DX120 is what we consider a pure music player. Optimized for the dac used, with power for most any headphone, and a size and weight that is total portability.

    DX120 Specifications:

    2.5mm Balanced
    Output Voltage:3.6Vrms
    Frequency Response:10Hz-45kHz+/-1dB
    THD+N: 0.00028%,-111dB (without load)

    3.5mm Single Ended
    Output Voltage:1.8Vrms
    Frequency Response:10Hz-45kHz+/-1dB
    THD+N: 0.00042%,-107dB (without load)

    Output impedance: Balanced - 0.38 ohms, Single Ended - slightly higher than 0.3 ohms.

    16 hours of play time with standard files.

    The DX120 development focused on obtaining the most out of the AK4495 DAC chip to deliver high fidelity at an extremely good price. The specifications for the AK4495 show a THD+N of 105dB. In real practice obtaining this THD+N can be very difficult. However our engineers, through hard work, using intelligent design and research, have reached a THD+N of -111dB. This surpasses the -105dB of the AK data sheet by 6dB! A mission impossible has been made possible. And you will enjoy the rewards of a high performance digital audio player.

    USD 299

    05.jpg 06.jpg 07.jpg 05.jpg
    Last edited: Sep 12, 2018
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  2. linux4ever
    All the best Paul with your new product.

    Will dx200 and dx150 also get the new mango os?
    Paul - iBasso likes this.
  3. lengyeljani
    That's some sexy design you got with this unit. I really like it
    Paul - iBasso and gc335 like this.
  4. gc335
    Nice looking DAP!!
    chris12 and Paul - iBasso like this.
  5. Paul - iBasso
    The DX150 doesn't have Mango. We are working on the FW for the DX200 and will see how it goes.
    iBasso Stay updated on iBasso at their sponsor page on Head-Fi.
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  6. Niyologist
    Looking nice. I'm curious how this will compare to my DX150.
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  7. Whitigir
    Holy Smokey the donkey...an SMD that has 1PPM stability ? And phase noises of -145db at 100kHz Or was it 1Khz ? @Paul - iBasso ?

    Because I have not seen any oscilliator to disclose the phase noise at 100Khz (Offset), only 10Khz offset (max)

    If it is 1PPM and as a TCXO with stability of -145Dbc/1KHZ. Then Holy-moly-freaking-Donkey!

    Full Synchronize all in one board implementation with excellent clock ! Are you kidding me ? For such little device ?

    Then, the price is to compete agains Sony WM300 ? Wow! Impressive ! This will take the market like a storm !!

    Ok, I am officially unable to wait for Dx300! Gosh...If I could give you a critical 999 likes up! :D
    Last edited: Sep 12, 2018
  8. natemact
    ^^ I want to be excited too...but first I would need to understand what the hell you're talking about :thinking:
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  9. Whitigir
    First, just look at the clock performances, 30 picosecond and not 30 Femtosecond (notice 1 pico seconds equates to 1000 Femto second)

    Phase noise, if -145db @100Khz, then it isn’t anything to write home about. But as I said, I never seen any clock to disclose this band, only upto 10Khz. So, even -145db for 10Khz, that is still hell lot impressive for such little clock. If it is -145db at 1Khz then it would be unbelievable because that is into the range of the expensive OCXO clocks

    We need @Paul - iBasso to confirm the above phase noises information
    Last edited: Sep 14, 2018
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  10. drbluenewmexico
    wow--looks like an impressive achievement. cant wait till we hear some listening feedback!!!!!!
  11. Chefano
    humm.. I really dont know why people are so obsessed with phase noise, jitter and all the related stuff.
    Lets talk about the analog stage. Is it possible to detail it a little more?

    JKDJedi likes this.
  12. mochill
    Looks excellent
  13. jon parker
    Annnnd ordered. Looking forward to comparing to DX80 :)
  14. rcoleman1
    Looking forward to your impressions.
  15. iBo0m
    The design is really well-done :)

    Does mango os support streaming services (Spotify, Tidal, etc.)?
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