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iBasso DX120 pure DAP player. Balanced, single ended, line out and 2 micro SD slots. FW 2.9.21 now out!

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by Paul - iBasso, Aug 31, 2018.
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  1. dissembled
    I'm interested in this player, though admittedly, I already own the Shanling M5s. I wonder how the two compares sound-wise. Does anyone here either have heard or own both players and are kind enough to write a sonical comparison between the two?
    Last edited: Jan 26, 2019
  2. zabin29
    Thanks for the explanation, I was confusing things. Then it should be working with my DACs, I have a Benchmark dac1 pre and a peachtree decco125. Maybe it's some incompatibility with these DACs? They're not triggering it to go into OTG/host mode? Connecting it to the benchmark actually freezes the dx120.
    Last edited: Jan 26, 2019
  3. Lurker0
    They both are USB Audio 1.1 standard. Probably DX120 expects USB Audio 2.0 standard device.
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  4. zabin29
    That sounds right, but i'm surprised the peachtree decco125 sky is 1.1. do you think some kind of usb reclocker or conditioner with usb 2.0 could go between the dx120 and the dac to make the dx120 recognize it?
    Last edited: Jan 27, 2019
  5. Lurker0
    @zabin29, I said about USB Audio standard, not USB interface standard. So, it depends solely on DAC's firmware. USB Audio 1.1 supports up to 24bit/96kHz, but 24-bit packed, i.e. 3 bytes per sample. USB Audio 2.0 devices usually support 32-bit samples, and 24-bit sampless padded to 4 bytes. 24-bit packed format is that what may cause incompatibility with iBasso software.
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  6. Lurker0
    @zabin29, more FYI. DX120 has good coaxial output, that outperforms USB Audio 1.1 specs, but USB Audio 2.0 outperforms both. So, for your DACs, coax S/PDIF is better and already working solution. The new feature is good for those who can't use S/PDIF, and most of modern USB DACs support 2.0.
  7. andi16
    Same here, I've bought it without a proper research but without that function (USB DAC w/o charge) - I'm considering selling mine.
  8. vinhnc123
    It remains the same despite the new firmware unfortunately. I have already sent you the file through Wetransfer to your email, please check it. Thank you!
    Feel free to ask me for any more information.
  9. Philip Ha
    hey @Paul - iBasso

    New firmware 2.3.53 has a critical problem.

    When I select a file in "All Music",
    the artwork and file information is wrong.
    I mean the other artwork and information is showing.

    Anyone has same problem as I do?
  10. qthinxs89
    Yess sir can use coax to rca and my problem coax can't play dsd file
    Last edited: Jan 27, 2019
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  11. qthinxs89
    Yes me to problem artwork and file information
    and i play dsd via usb type c to my dac topping d30 via usb input the sound have many jitter and no clean play dsd file
  12. vinhnc123
    Mine seems to switch the artwork randomly at first, then I tried to reset to factory. Now it's fine.
  13. Philip Ha
    I already did reset to factory several times.
    But nothing changed.
  14. Victorfabius
    In all fairness, I’m not sure how’d you’d find out about that on release day. It’s something to find out through use, mostly. I’m also not sure how many people who bought the DX120 bought it to be a USB DAC from a smartphone source. I can, however, easily understand the appeal of the DX120. It’s got a nice form factor, the blue color looks particularly nice (and is $20 USD more on Amazon for it), it’s got a simple, easy to use firmware, has extremely high storage capacity, line out - balanced - optical - coax output and pretty good battery life. Those are some of the reasons I’m keeping an eye on the DX120.

    I’ve got the Sony ZX300, and it does just about everything I need it to - USB DAC from phone with a short cable, contain my music library, and doesn’t charge from DAC mode. I like the sound, too, though I recognize that there are strengths of other players, like iBasso and FiiO that better align with my sonic tastes. But my combined storage is nearly full, I require Windows to do the 12 Tone Analysis to take advantage of the SenseMe channels, and the library rebuilds every power off and can take a few minutes to complete. So, this is why I’ll pop up every now and then and ask about teh USB DAC function and battery drain.

    So, iBasso’s done a pretty good job on the DX120. They’re ironing out some minor firmware issues as we go along, and it seems most people are pleased with it.
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  15. andi16
    So yes, I think it's just a matter of high expectations on my side.
    I didn't find it out initially because it was a spontaneous purchase. I'm not blaming anyone, I'm just saying it (dac w/o charge) would make it almost perfect experience. It would be a replacement for a dap or usb-dac without any "but" moments.
    I agree, pretty good job on the dx120.
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