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iBasso DX120 pure DAP player. Balanced, single ended, line out and 2 micro SD slots. FW 2.9.21 now out!

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by Paul - iBasso, Aug 31, 2018.
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  1. mbwilson111
    I wish the photo was better but this is a wallpaper that I like. Pictured running my Nighthawks with a balanced cable. It really looks much better than that. I have not yet figured out how to do good screenshots.

    Last edited: Dec 31, 2018
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  2. Illum1nat0
    Great! Works! I had not read the manual yet. I just downloaded it and it's in there. So the point is done :)
  3. Paul - iBasso
    Everyone have a great and safe New Year! And remember, Enjoy the Music no matter what you are listening with!
    iBasso Stay updated on iBasso at their sponsor page on Head-Fi.
  4. Eddy Flycatcher
    Best wishes for you and your family at iBasso Paul!
  5. Eddy Flycatcher
    Last night I started to listen to an album which I accessed through the "genre" option, strangely it only played the first track and then stopped playback.
  6. davidmolliere
    Yeah I noticed the exact same thing and didn’t report it yet
  7. davidmolliere
    Quick question as I have never used the coaxial before, I plugged it into my newly acquired iDSD Micro BL via the iBasso coaxial cable and I only get sound in the left channel... puzzling as the iDSD works fine otherwise. Ideas ?
  8. Eddy Flycatcher
    I have used coaxial in the past with my old Fiio X5 and am now using it with the iBasso, it works just fine, I do not use the included coaxial cable, I had one already, but I don't think that would be your problem....have you plugged it in deep enough?
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  9. davidmolliere
    Yeah I checked that first, not the issue, maybe the cable was bent at some point and it’s to fault... hope nothing is wrong with the iDSD micro BL DAC, the amp is fine. Waiting on the iFi audio OTG cable as I miss the right cable to check usb connection. I’ll check with my computer.
  10. geo626
    Any of you experience this issue I have.

    When I select Directory > SD card 1 > Any folder > Song

    I can play the song however other files in the folder doesn't load as "next song" When I click next it just repeat the song.

    However when I select SD card 2 > any folder > song

    It load the other songs so I can press next, shuffle etc

    Happens only in SD card 1.

    Any thoughts?
  11. geo626
    Ok nevermind. Solved the problem by doing a factory reset. Then scanning SD card per SD card. I don't know which one did it but I got it to work so horay.

  12. zabin29
    I'm using it as a dac for my iPhone. The camera usb connector kit with it's own separate lightning to usb power input does not work for me. It does work with the usb connector that doesn't have its own power input, but then it uses power from my phone to charge the dx120 like you described. It drains the phone battery relatively fast. I'd love to hear a solution.
  13. ColdsnapBry
    Do you think this device is too big / heavy to sit inside some gym shorts while I work out?
  14. jamato8 Contributor
    It depends upon your shorts. The DX120 is light and very easy to carry. The size in my opinion for a small DAP is just right and the sound is extremely good.
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  15. ColdsnapBry
    Ok, I got some lululemon shorts with a smallish pocket. It can fit my wallet so I suppose I can compare the dimensions of that.
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