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iBasso DX120 pure DAP player. Balanced, single ended, line out and 2 micro SD slots. FW 2.9.21 now out!

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by Paul - iBasso, Aug 31, 2018.
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  1. magicalmouse
  2. trivium911
    Have you tried a different brand of SD card? Worst case scenario you can contact Paul for an RMA and ship the unit back. I'm currently waiting for mine back.
  3. crabdog
    I'd suggest you try formatting the card in the DAP.
  4. Lurker0
    Never do it! Always, when you need to format an SD card, and especially for troubleshooting, use SD Memory Card Formatter.
  5. IainG
    Thanks for the ideas and tips. I've been troubleshooting over the last few days. Paul from ibasso suggested I might have corrupt music files which is causing the player to abort the scanning. That idea made sense to me.

    I can see 3 potentail problems: 1)Problem with the DAP 2)Problem with the music files 3)Problem with the SD card.

    I've eliminated 3)by copying the files to 2 different sandisk microsd cards (one 400 gb and one 200 gb). I also tried formatting to FAT32 using guiformat, and the scanning problem still occured in both cards and in both ex-fat and FAT32 formats. So, I don't think the SD is the problem

    I scanned all my music files using several third party apps that look for errors in music files. I did find 6 or 7 corrupt files, and eliminated them from the folder of files I was trying to scan into the dx120. This did not solve the problem (and yes, I reinstalled firmware and factory reset the player before I try each new experiment).

    So, even though the remaining files passed all scans from third party apps, I started a tedious process of trial and error, by only copying a subset of the files onto the card that I was trying to scan into the dx120. This has given me some success, as I have now managed to get an SD card with 75 percent of the original files on it to scan successfully to 100 percent into the dx120. BUT the interesting thing is that this ONLY works with firmware 2.1.2 (L0 version). Any newer firmware updates and the scanning still aborts. Very strange.

    Anyhow, I am now working on copying over the remaining 25 percent of the files folder by folder, and the scanning again to see if I can eventually fine the one folder which is causing the player to abort scanning. If I cannot find this, then my only other conclusion can be that the problem is with the dx120 itself. I suspect this is at least partially the case, because as I said, even with the 75 percent "clean" files, they only scan successfully with 2.1.2 firmware.

    I'm quite annoyed, as I actually came across a similar scanning issue with my dx80. I love everything else about ibasso DAPs, but they all seem to run into scanning issues. I might try an Astell and Kern for my next DAP instead.
  6. Lurker0
    May it be the case that you have artwork embedded into each and any track, and that the artworks are big (not only by resolution, but by file size) as well? Then, scanning all of them take a lot of space on the SD card itself (yes, you always need to leave some free space on SD card!), and/or overflow the internal storage?

    Then I suspect it is exactly embedded artwork related problem.
  7. IainG
    Ah, this is a very interesting possibility. I hadn't considered the album art. I do have album art tagged on pretty much all of the music, and it is possible that some of them are quite large files.

    So, you are suggesting, that the size of the album art files overflows the internal storage of the dx120 while it is scanning, which causes it to abort?

    Trying to work on this possibility is daunting, and doing it manually would be an extraordinarily long and tedious process. Do you know of any good third party apps that could scan and resize a large batch of album art? I did a google search and this seem like it might do the job: https://www.blisshq.com/music-library-management-blog/2017/05/02/shrink-album-art/

    But, if anyone knows another good app that could specifically search through all the album art in my music collection and resize anything that is too big, please let me know.
    Last edited: Nov 2, 2019
  8. Lurker0
    I don't use embedded artwork. For me, it's enough one album art per folder. For batch editing of tags, I use MP3Tag, but I don't know how good it for batch artwork removing or resizing. It was a discussion with suggestions in DX80 thread, so you may try to search in there.
  9. IainG
    Okay. Thanks for your help. I think you have correctly identified the problem. As I worked today with trying to find which folder out of the remaining 25 percent of folders that was causing the dx120 to abort scanning, it became clear that it was not any one particular folder or file that was the problem, but it was more of the dx120 reaching a critical volume or mass of "something" that was causing it to abort. It makes sense that it could be embedded album art that is too large and overloading the dx120. I'll probably give that "bliss" app a whirl, since it seems to do the job I am looking for. I'll also check the dx80 thread for suggestions.

    Thanks again for your time and help. Appreciated.
  10. IainG
    To tie this thread up: Lurker was correct. I removed ALL embedded artwork from the 250 gb or so of files that I was trying to scan into my dx120. I used Foobar 2000 on my laptop to do that - just selected all the albums, right click, batch remove all covers. Took Foobar about 20 minutes to remove all the embedded artwork from everything. Copied those modified files back onto my microsd, scanned it into the dx120, and presto! It works fine. Thanks Lurker. You solved my problem.
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  11. trivium911
    @Paul - iBasso

    I received my repaired DX120 today and everything works great!.. Aside from some typical DHL issues which has nothing to do with Ibasso. You and the Ibasso team do excellent work, you stand by your products and have excellent communication. When i received the DX120 back today and plugged in my headphones, it put a grin back on my face and turned my otherwise stressful week around :). Thanks for all the help!
  12. j0nb0y
    I've just sold my DX120 with a view to going with the DC01 to use with my mobile (currently Huawei P20 Pro)

    Have I made a mistake??

    I have an option of getting a FiiO M7 but how does that compare to the DX120 and the DC01?
  13. trivium911
    The DX120 will sound better on paper...but what do you need? I prefer to have my music disconnected from my cell phone as i hate my cell phone and the fact that it does not allow me to leave work out of my house. I dont use streaming sources, i like to do what i want with my Music...and if im camping alot of times there is no network service. When im at work the built in DAC allows me to use streaming sources if i want to.

    The DX120 has all around better specs than the DC01, it has the potential to sound better so in that regard you made a mistake if you are only concerned about sound quality and/or using hard to drive headphones.

    On the other hand you only have to charge and carry one device with you and you have access to streaming sources.

    In other words no one can really tell you if you made a mistake or not, both will sound good it just depends on what your needs are.
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  14. expatriot
    I don't know anything about the DC01, but I own the M7 and the DX120. I think you should have asked this question before you sold the DX120. In my opinion both daps are well made, about the same battery run time(with a slight edge to the M7), however the headphone out power is not even close, as the DX120 is much more powerful even just single ended, not to mention it also has balanced out. My opinion is the Dx120 is at LEAST twice as good as the M7.
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  15. j0nb0y
    I'm looking for a player to use on the go for my wired iems (iBasso IT01's/RevoNext QT2/Tin Audio T2) but not sure which would be hard to drive.

    The player would also be used with an amp in the house to drive a pair of Monolith M1060's.

    Too many toys and too many options to play with them!!

    Ps I've found a cheap enough FiiO M9 for £120. Would this be comparable to the DX120? I've pretty much conceded that I'll not find a DX120 locally for less than £170.
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