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iBasso DX120 pure DAP player. Balanced, single ended, line out and 2 micro SD slots. FW 2.9.21 now out!

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by Paul - iBasso, Aug 31, 2018.
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  1. vas-tomsk
    I think this strange behavior of the player is due to an update in firmware 2.5.68:
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  2. trivium911
    Ok guys i ran the update again, this time i did the following
    -Remove cards and factory reset-
    -Run udpate, restart and factory reset
    -Insert cards and do factory reset just to be safe
    -Rescan Library

    Everything works now with the latest firmware ending in .94, Awesome!
  3. Rattle
    I'll try this in a couple days. I flashed back to previous firmware and am tired of messing with it. Do you mean you removed cards and factory reset after flashing newest firmware ?
  4. trivium911
    Just follow what I posted above, you will be fine...works like a charm.
  5. Eddy Flycatcher
    i had to revert back to 2.4.59 because I have all the titles of my albums with in front of the title the year of release, and after scanning the cards twice even after going through the whole reinstalling the latest firmware twice it still changed all the albums titles, removed the release years from all the albums save 6 or 7...
  6. trivium911
    Hmm could it be an ID3 tagging issue perhaps.
  7. Eddy Flycatcher
    No, definitely not! Since it's all good now that I have returned to firmware version 2.4.59
  8. Rattle
    Previous firmware is good for me also. New firmware messes up tagging that's been good all along 4 firmware at least.
  9. magicalmouse
    i had a similar issue and reverted to the previous firmware which works perfectly (i wrote to Paul at ibasso and he has passed on the comments to the development team)–

    my problems were

    a sd card has several albums by an artist but the artist view only shows one of these (although all seem to play if random play is selected – although I would have expected just the selected album to play).

    In album view all the separate artists are listed and all their album tracks are joined into one continuous list – not as separate albums as I would expect.

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  10. Nolbert0
    This looks to be my perfect player. I'll sell all my DAPs for this (except for the Hiby R3 because it's the Mojo's glass slipper). Great HP output, balanced out, line out, dual SD slots and a snappy, simple interface with an affordable price tag... I'll buy it in an instant if ReplayGain is added. I like both jazz and metal - a potentially dangerous combination without ReplayGain!

    The reason I have such an interest in this player is because my favourite DAP thus far is the Fiio X3ii because it has a dedicated line out port and this DAP is very reminiscent of X3ii but upgraded in every way. Especially the 2nd sd slot.

    @Paul - iBasso still no plans to add ReplayGain?
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  11. trivium911
    I thought replay gain didnt work in the fiio, at any rate i never noticed a difference with it on using the fiio...unless thy fixed it down the road. Its a shame though as the DX120 is better in every way, i have the x5ii and X3ii. I like deathmetal/metalcore, Jazz and some new age lol so i feel your pain i have everything on separate sd cards though per genre.
  12. claudy
    well it just work for a night, today the whole problem just show up like they didn't leave. well i got rolled back to 2.5.68 again.
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  13. trivium911
    Ok it looks like I have the same issue aswell, rescanning the cards fixes it temporarily...as you mentioned for a night or so. So downgrading or using folder /directory view is a good option for now.
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  14. Rattle
    Yeah same here thought I was going crazy haha !
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  15. trivium911
    Yeah so when you select music via album or artists it fills out the "now playing" menu and everything is fine. However, the minute you select music with the folder/directory menus that last selection is stuck in the now playing menu...unless you use the directory again. If you try to use album or artists menus it will only play one track and won't replace what you originally had in the now playing menu from the last directory/folder selection. It's hard to explain lol But does this sum it up?
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