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iBasso DX120 pure DAP player. Balanced, single ended, line out and 2 micro SD slots. FW 2.9.21 now out!

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by Paul - iBasso, Aug 31, 2018.
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  1. crabdog
    Sorry if this has been mentioned already but have you tried a different memory card or formatted the card you have in the player itself?
  2. Rattle
    It's a new SanDisk ultra and it was formatted in the dx120. I will order a different card sometime. Any recommendations ?
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  3. crabdog
    I have a mix of SanDisk and Kingston and they all seem to work fine.
  4. Paul - iBasso
    Is it just with DSD that is the problem when going from 16/44 or when also going from 16/44 to higher resolution like 24/96? We have been unable to duplicate this problem.

    I would suggest formatting the card with the computer. Please email me at paul@ibasso.com.
    iBasso Stay updated on iBasso at their sponsor page on Head-Fi.
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  5. MarCo7
    I have a question: from the 2.5 balanced output going to a portable amplifier, I can only go to balanced amplifier/input? I cannot go 2.5BAL -> SE, correct?
  6. JuanLuis91
    It's the second time in just over 2 months, that my ibasso dx120 simply stops working and automatically deletes all data from the micro sd. So again I will have to re-install the firmware and re-assemble my music list in the sd of 128 gb :disappointed_relieved:. This player has a great sound, I love it, but the firmware needs to be updated urgently, there are many flaws still unsolved .

    Regards from Perú.
  7. Keko123

    Last week my DX120 deleted all files of my microsd
  8. Eddy Flycatcher
    I am using my second DX120 and again just like with the first one the screen freezes frequently, when I press pause and play it continues half way into the next track...so I agree that there is still room for improvement in the firmware...will there ever be an updated firmware???
  9. Rattle
    After living with my dx120 for a couple weeks I have no issues. My problems with browsing library I posted earlier have been solved. Paul was helpful and I figured it out and I submitted files to them to see if they see what it is. Haven't heard back yet. If the device remains solid and I have none of the other issues people have just posted I'll be very happy with the dx120. It's smooth as butter for me navigating and love the sound with 2.5mm and KPE.

    One thing that seems sort of useless or counterintuitive at least is the digital and sound mode settings. I cannot tell a difference between the delays or roll offs maybe I can hear a different on cymbals at times ? I just leave it on reference and slow roll off as they are default with newest firmware. It was not default on 2.0 that it shipped with. As was posted on amirs site they seem to do nothing measurably anyway ? It would be cool if these actually did something and if they don't just take them out of the menus entirely.
    Last edited: Jul 10, 2019
  10. vas-tomsk
    I almost agree. Digital filters can be left because they really affect the sound. But the sound modes can be removed, because they do not affect the sound at all and only mislead the listener and clutter up the player menu.
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  11. Rattle
    As far as digital filters are concerned can you elaborate where you are hearing the difference? File types, actual songs or albums and some difference between them ? I swear the only thing I can pick up is some thicker mids and the way cymbals sound. It's so slight and tiny it seems I'm not sure if I am hearing anything at all.
  12. vas-tomsk
    Indeed, the difference is very small, but I sometimes hear it. For example, on some tracks of the album George Michael 1999 Songs From The Last Century, of course, in lossless. Only I need to listen very carefully. But if you do not specifically listen, then the difference can not be heard.
    Last edited: Jul 11, 2019
  13. expatriot
    I currently have firmware v2.4.56, do i need to update to v2.4.59? What do I gain if anything?
  14. vas-tomsk
    Improvements with this firmware 2.4.59:

    1. Rectified the bug that there is a small possibility that an incorrect ID3 will be displayed after the V2.3.53 firmware update.
    Last edited: Jul 11, 2019
  15. JuanLuis91
    I'm supposed to install v2.4.59, but v2.4.56 appears in the system information...
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