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iBasso DX100:24 bit for bit, PG 1> Reviews & Impressions, Downloads, VIDEO, NEW Firmware 1.4.2.

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by jamato8, Jan 23, 2012.
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  1. xnuthecaveman
    If I remembered it correctly, R10 uses a different configuration of 5V compared to dx100's 8.4 V
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  2. udesign48
    what's the biggest capacity battery DX100 can use?
    I got 3300mAh but I'm sure it can use larger batteries...
    DX100's original batteries were manufactured in 2011.
    Now it's 2019.... and there are larger capacity lithium batteries.
  3. tawie
    I just changed one 4800mAh battery, two battery series connection,3.7 x 2 = 7.4V, and all is fine.
    Last edited: Jun 20, 2019
  4. tawie
    3.7v x 2 = 7.4V
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  5. udesign48
    Where did you find 4800 mah battery?
  6. tawie
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  7. Stahlreich
  8. udesign48
  9. the wizard of oz
    Very late to the party since it's now 2019— I finally decided to try some modded FW's on my trusty DX100...
    Sure the UI feels smoother with the Fidelizer Audio "Purist ROM" version, but the SQ is a major downgrade to me. Sounds less musical, harsher, brighter in the high range, and boomier bass. Based on iBasso FW V1.4.2, so I guess that was to be expected, but I'd just forgotten how bad that firmware version was! After testing for nearly and hour, I decided I couldn't take it any more, so have reverted back to iBasso's FW V1.2.7., and thank goodness, aural bliss is back.
    So I'm going to give this DOC2008 Optima Mix V2 FW a shot now, since that one is supposed to be based on iBasso's FW V1.2.7.
    Update: well, I didn't expect it, but there is a minuscule difference in SQ in between DOC2008's take on the FW V1.2.7 and the original; hardly noticeable, but on complex electronic music, it is there. Sounds more digital, with artefacts that shouldn't be there in the very high notes, thus flowing less naturally than with the original FW V1.2.7 from iBasso.
    Also a totally unimportant detail that doesn't affect SQ but that I didn't like: the change in font of the on-screen displayed information text; I can see the idea of it enabling more room on-screen to display said information, but to me it is too squashed, I prefer the original more harmonious font.
    Riddance of Market app appreciated, but UI not that particularly less glitchy than the original. Fidelizer Audio's FW was much stabler in comparison.

    I'd be happy to hear about any other improved FW's you might know and recommend, but please with a SQ of at least the original V1.2.7. I recall having tried the FW V1.3.7 back in the day, and that wasn't really an improvement over it either.
    Last edited: Oct 6, 2019
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