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iBasso DX-50 as USB audio/DAC

Discussion in 'Dedicated Source Components' started by jnorris, Jan 9, 2015.
  1. jnorris
    OK, maybe I'm deaf...

    I used the following audio interfaces on my computer:

    iBasso DX-50 (USB)
    Radio Shack DA-710 DAC (optical connector)
    Steinberg UR-12 (USB)
    Internal Realtek ALC892 audio out

    The outputs of all these were fed (one at a time) to the line input of a Parasound PHP-850 preamp, and the tape out of the Parasound was connected to the line in of a Sony PCM-M10, which was set to record WAVs at 96K/24. I recorded a track from the Metheny, McBride, Sanchez album ("Son of Thirteen") through each of the interfaces.

    I used Foobar's ABX utility to compare the wav files from them, and the original wav that was ripped from the CD.

    The only difference I heard was the iBasso was a little bit warmer (actually muddier - with a loss of lower midrange detail), but the difference was very subtle. I was listening through RHA MA750i IEMs.

    I was hoping for immediate improvements as I went from on-board to Radio Shack to Steinberg to iBasso.

    I guess not...

    Anyone else have similar results?

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