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iBasso D7, True 24Bit/192K USB-DAC (Bit for bit), Asynchronous USB transfer

  1. iBassoHeadFi
    We are going to release the D7 "Sidewinder" after about two weeks.
    The following are the main features.
    1, True 24Bit/192K USB-DAC, supports bit for bit decoding. (in other words, it isnt upsampling)
    2, Asynchronous USB transfer
    3, Up to 24Bit/192K coaxial output
    4, RCA output and Line out.
    5, Built-in headphone amplfiier that run off of USB power.
    6, Measures 93*60*22mm.

  2. mrarroyo Contributor
    I am really looking forward to this unit, how soon before it is available? Thanks.
  3. kostalex
    What DAC chip will it use?
  4. cmkofkvc
    the price?!
    cant wait!
  5. dyl1dyl
    Looks interesting. However, if I'm not wrong, the guys at Schiit audio are claiming that no other company currently, including super high end ones like dcs and weiss are offering bit perfect DACS.
  6. drummerman
    24bit/192 is not needed and overkill. Asynchronous and galvanic isolation are more important for USB for obvious reasons
  7. foxyboy
    i'm excited
  8. kiteki
    When is it coming and which DAC chip does it use?
    oh and, estimated price?
  9. Hifianddrumming
     Which one, this or http://www.moon-audio.com/headphone-audio/alpha-design-labs-furutech/alpha-design-labs-24-bit-96khz-gt40-usb-dac-with-phono-stage.html
     for Christmas? :)
  10. Chronos
    Yes, estimated price + date? which DAC?
  11. mgurvits
    I see it says "coaxial output", do they mean coaxial input like the d12? why would a DAC have a coaxial out? to feed to another DAC? I can't tell if I should wait for this or get the D12. 
  12. cleg
    More questions, than details actually. 
  13. mgurvits
    Just received email reply from iBasso:
    "The D7 only accept USB input. It cant take Coaxial input. I would say its AMP section is as good as the D12's."
  14. foxyboy
    could this be similar to the fostex hp1 but runs off devices other than iDevices????
  15. kiteki

    I hope so! but what makes you think that?

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