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iBasso D4 - USB only [SOLD]

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  1. suicidal_orange
    For Sale
    For sale is an iBasso D4.  The battery connection stopped working long ago so it's now a USB only DAC/amp but works perfectly as such - 3.5mm line out and 3.5mm headphone out, with high/low gain switch.  It's not in the best shape cosmetically (I got it like that and I don't care, so the spare case is included still in it's wrapper) and there's a screw missing but again there are spares included. 
    If you're thinking of fixing it please note that when I noticed the battery no longer worked I removed the protection diodes which slightly increases the available power, so be sure not to put the battery in the wrong way or bad things will happen!
    Not sure what it's worth so feel free to make an offer [​IMG]
  2. klipper
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