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ibasso d4/d6 or hm601/602 for hd598+ie8 with galaxy s

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by gldgshdjksht, Apr 12, 2011.
  1. GLdgShDjKsHT
    i currently own HD598, ie8 and a moded galaxy s with supercurio's mod and it souns awsome but it kinda lacks something, so im torn between buying an amp ibasso d4/d6 to use it as a dac also, or buying a hifiman player 601/602, more 601 than 2nd but i heard they are not so reliable and good but they sound great, but the amp ill be using it with galaxy s and with a lod from an ipod 2nd gen or a classic so i am thinking player or amp, but the better choice i think would be the amp ... ty
  2. GLdgShDjKsHT
  3. shalingang
    I have D3 and 601, the sound is very different, the output is similar. 601 has a very special smooth warm sound but lacking parkling highs, a very subjective player. the D3 has very common sound flavor. 
  4. GLdgShDjKsHT
    i have read about that, what i want to know is if that an amp would benefit me, ty
  5. shalingang
    Yes. the amp will bring deeper and more controlled bass, less shrill highs. 

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