iBasso D2 USB Noise

  1. JestriK

    I've just received my iBasso D2+ Boa and I'm quite impressed. However when I use it as a sound card on my PC I can hear squeaks, for instance I have an external HDD on the same USB hub, when I'm accessing the HDD and the PC is reading data from it, I can hear squeaks in my headphones through the iBasso.

    I also have a PCMCIA Audigy 2 which has no such problem.

    Can anyone tell me why this is happening and how to solve it?

    Thank you


    Edit: I've just realised this is called RFI / EMI. If anyone could let me know how I can reduce or stop this I would be very grateful.
  2. heishiro
    do not use USB hub. did you try to connect it directly to pc/laptop's usb?
  3. JestriK
    Yes, I've tried it on two computers, a desktop and a laptop, both connected directly and it's the same.

    Do you think a dedicated usb PCI card would overcome this?
  4. jojoarmani
    i would be interested in hearing if the situation was resolved since i am looking at the same model.

    Maybe with burn-in the hiss went away... ???????????????

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