Ibasso d12 opamp kits
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Dec 18, 2011
Recently I invested in a pair of beyerdynamic dt 880s 250 ohms and began to reconsider how I want to power them as well as how to get the proper sound out of them.  I plan to purchase the Bellari HA540 in about half a month as well as a 12AX7 tube and a 12AT7 tube. At the same time I would like to play around with my Ibasso d12's opamps.  I've heard about the HiFlight opamp kit, but haven't found any places that sell it and I've also seen Ibasso's opamp upgrade kit for $25 on their site, but havent found any reviews on it.I listen to rock, alternative, and electronic mostly.  When using my dt 880s I also noticed a distinct lack of easily audible bass so anything that could add a little, but nothing terribly drastic, would be great. Are any of the fore-mentioned opamp kits worth their price or are there any kits that would be a better deal for me?  Also, does anybody know where I can purchase a HiFlight opamp kit?  Thanks

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